To Build Trust as a Leader, Inspire With Words Backed by Action

Build Trust as a Leader

To Build Trust as a Leader, Inspire With Words Backed by Action  via Jason Forrest

In Braveheart, Mel Gibson’s character (William Wallace) cries “Alba gu bràth" as he and his men forge boldly into battle. The Gaelic phrase, which means roughly "Scotland forever,” gave the troops something to rally around and inspired them to remember why they were fighting. Such a rallying cry is useful in the battle of day-to-day business as well because it brings commitment, emotion, and grit to the team’s goals.

But there’s one big, fat catch. Imagine the troops geared up for battle, ready to bare their bums and risk their lives, but William Wallace at home sipping a pint. Not only would the movie never have been made, but the people never would’ve followed. Leaders must be involved for initiatives to gain traction. They must believe what they’re teaching and eat their own dog food. (I’ll explain.)

Think about the areas in your life that generate the most passion and commitment from you. For me, it’s the belief that I create my own success. I believe it so wholeheartedly that I never accept an excuse or victim mindset from myself, my kids, or my employees. This belief is tied to my own experiences, and I have personal stories to support it. I can’t expect my team to buy into this concept if I don’t believe it for myself.