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Leadership Podcast: How to Maximize Sales Effectiveness | Hosted by The Unconventional Path

Leadership Podcast

Sales leadership is critical for any company looking to increase revenue and grow its business. But what makes a great sales leader? And how can they maximize the effectiveness of their sales team? In this leadership podcast, Jason Forrest, CEO at Forrest Performance Group, will be talking about how he works with companies to maximize their sales effectiveness, through a combination of training, hiring, and culture building. He also discusses compensation strategies and building a high-performance sales team.

Leadership Podcast: What You'll Learn

  • Differences between small organizations and big companies in sales and organizational culture
  • An organizational culture that your company should have: Jason gives his advice and suggestions
  • Jason explains FPG options for small businesses: recruiting and sales training programs
  • Jason talks about compensation plans for sales teams
  • What makes FPG different from other recruiting and sales training businesses?
  • About Jason Forrest and FPG
  • The importance to find mentors in your life
  • The future of FPG
  • Leadership Sales Coaching: Transforming from a Manager to Coach
  • The Mindset of a Sales Warrior book

In this leadership podcast, Jason Forrest provides helpful tips on how to build an effective sales team. He discusses the importance of organizational culture, training, and hiring the right people. Jason also talks about compensation plans and the differences between small organizations and big companies. This leadership podcast is packed with useful information for anyone looking to improve their sales effectiveness.

About The Unconventional Path

The Unconventional Path tries to capture and share the essence of how interesting people sometimes take unconventional paths to build their business (some succeed, some don’t). They will delve into how they get their inspiration, drive, and persistence to start and grow their enterprise. You will hear the ups and downs, the challenges, and the struggles firsthand.


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Don’t Just Hire. Hire for Success!

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Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest has disrupted the sales training industry by creating the first training program that changes behavior. This is done through 1) teaching tactical real-world processes; 2) the language of persuasion, 3) removing the mental leashes that hold people back, and 4) through a program-based training approach. This philosophy is what led his Warrior Selling® and Leadership Sales Coaching programs to be ranked in the top 2 of the World’s Top Sales Development Programs, by Global Gurus. His provocative style of speaking his truth ranks him at number 5 on the Global Sales Guru list.
Jason is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the science of influence and behavioral change. He is also a Practitioner in Accelerated Evolution, the psychology of removing fear in high performers. Jason is on a mission to ignite pride, purpose, and respect for professional selling.

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