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Art Van

"I was fortunate to have some great experiences with FPG when they worked with Art Van. I use the content all the time in my life."

John Albrecht, Territory Manager

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Jagoe Homes

“We have a solid team at Jagoe, but have been in need of a cultural shift for several years now. I know this is only the beginning of the journey, and that fills me with even more excitement and anticipation.”

Lindsey Jagoe, Sales Manager

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Richmond American Homes

"Home sales revenue went up by 12% to 554.4 million and has beaten itself year over year for the last 6 years. No other training program gives you personal growth that leads to professional results."

Robyn Asbury, National Vice President of Sales

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Bank of San Antonio

“We started with FPG in January, by May, we had hit our annual sales goal. I don’t know what else to say that’s more impactful than that.”

Brent Givens, President

We never imagined we would have had results this rapidly.
— Danny Bayard, Business Development Director, Braman Motors


It’s not just about what I learned. It’s what I feel empowered to go out and use.
— Nanette Overly, Vice President of Sales, Epcon Communities

The benefit of this is really two-fold. It’s going to help me be better in my profession, but it also helps me personally. I can apply it to myself and my family, but I can also take this back to work.
— Michael O’Brien, Executive Coach, Star Performance Group

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I started the two days kinda wondering how my “very leashed” guys were going to react. By the end of the first day, Rachel had them engaged and interested. The system works!
— Armando Najera, Sales Professional, Road Machinery

Henry Song is a new sales consultant who joined us in June. He attended Strong Start and was very impressed with the FPG training. He immediately started to put the 7 Steps into action with each new client he met. Over the past three weeks, Henry’s community has taken 20 deposits, of which, Henry is responsible for 10 of them. I asked Henry how he was able to achieve those results, and he credited the entire thing to the 7 Steps.
— Mary Patterson, Sales Professional, KHovnanian Homes