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Have you ever thought…

My sales turnover is too high.
My salespeople give away too many incentives.
Our sales team isn’t proactive enough
We don’t close enough sales.
We can’t communicate our unique value.
We struggle to break sales plateus.

if so, you’re missing sales.



Master the opening conversation.

Master the Opening Conversation

  • Learn how to utilize The 5 Steps to Understand Your Customer’s Mission.

  • Adopt the proven process to start every selling conversation with position of strength.

Handle every objection.

Handle Every Objection

  • The 3 Steps of Handling Objections gives you the science to turn around any objection in any B2B industry.

  • Learn to see behind the objection to change perspective and move sales forward.

Maximize your selling message

Maximize Your Selling Message

  • The game-changing inside-out selling message utilizes the psychology of the modern buyer for maximum effect.

  • Gain both logical and emotional buy-in around every selling presentation with every buyer.

Move sales forward

Move Sales Forward

  • Understand how to determine where every buyer is in the buying process with three simple, powerful categories.

  • Use those categories to transform every business into a raving advocate for your solution.

Adopt profit-driving beliefs

Adopt Profit-Driving Beliefs

  • Learn the money-making sales warrior beliefs that support tactical, real-world strategies.

  • Beliefs drive behaviors. Strengthen your mindset, remove your leashes, unleash your sales.

Resolve every sale

Resolve Every Sale

  • The 3 Steps to Resolve the Sale is the science behind the world’s simplest, most effective closing tool.

  • Take away the fear with a closing strategy that gets every decision-maker excited and ready to choose you over all alternatives.


THE 5, 4, 3 FACTOR

5 steps to understand your customer’s mission
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  • Start strong by learning your customer’s mission

  • Create immediate value and buy-in around your solution.

  • Follow a proven process from b2b experts to move every sale forward.

4 steps to present solutions.
4 Mobile@300x.png
  • Transform your selling message.

  • Handle any objection from any stakeholder.

  • Turn complex business sales into simple solutions.

3 steps to resolve the sale.
  • Guide every stakeholder to see why you’re the the only choice.

  • Drive resolution by creating a network of advocates for your solution.

  • Close more sales, improve more businesses, and drive more profits.


"Home sales revenue went up by 12% to 554.4 million and has beaten itself year over year for the last 6 years. No other training program gives you personal growth that leads to professional results."

Robyn Asbury, National Vice President of Sales, Richmond American Homes

Being new to FPG I am still going through the course and learning new things. I will say I feel much more confident in working with a multi-cultural buyer and have already put that lesson to work this past week. I had a multi-cultural buyer who was hesitant to move forward with the contract so I made a point to emphasize that he was getting the best "deal" and we were able to complete the contract. I'm excited to continue this training and put it to use in my everyday sales tactics.

Mandy Roberts, Sales Professional, Home Creations





Your profit growth is dependent on the buy-in of your salespeople. Our exciting, up-tempo seminars give your people the emotional fuel they need to dive headfirst into their training experience. With our unique blend of tactics and emotional electricity, we focus on mastery so your salespeople can be the hero with your clients.



True, lasting behavior change doesn’t happen without ongoing learning. Your engaging weekly video lessons with FPG CEO Jason Forrest take your salespeople through a deeper dive of the seminars that include weekly application with real-world clients. Everything is engineered for your unique business realities.

Video application calls.

Video Application Calls

The most effective learning isn’t just done in a classroom. It’s created through learning, growing, and using what you’ve learned in the field with your actual clients. Your salespeople review, roleplay, and receive tactical coaching from certified trainers that helps them move more sales forward.

 Interested in Warrior Selling?

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