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Connect with customers
Revolutionize your service.
Create addicted clients.

How can you know your customer service is serving you 

Do you struggle retaining customers?
Is your message not getting across?
Do your people battle with aggravated buyers?
Do you feel like your people just put out fires?
Are you reacting and not acting?
Do you ever feel like just a vendor?


Gourmet Service

Gourmet Service

Take your service to the next level with strategies that surprise, energize, and satisfy every customer.

Service Recovery

Service Recovery

Turn aggrieved customers into raving advocates for your brand.



Become an advisor, not a vendor

Become an Advisor, Not a Vendor

  • Vendors are expendable. Advisors keep clients for life. Learn the strategies to be a true advisor with your clients.

  • Adopt the methodology that earns your customer’s respect, gains their trust, and keeps their business.

Create instant referral sources

Create Instant Referral Sources

  • Learn the Purpling Process, a proven method that creates customers service your clients brag about.

  • Grow your influence by creating customers who gladly refer you to their network.

Fix your achilles heel

Fix Your Achilles Heel

  • Understand the psychology of aggrieved buyers and what makes them tick.

  • Learn the response process to heal any broken relationship and fix the reactions that lose you customers.

Grow your customer service team

Grow Your Customer Service Team

  • Customer service doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Build your team to work together for a common cause.

  • Adopt The 4 Steps to Teaming to build your customer service culture into one of total peer support.

Treat your customers like prospects

Treat Your Customers Like Prospects

  • If you learn to treat a customer like a prospect, they’ll never feel like just a customer.

  • Adopt the process to energize your customer service so you can be proactive and never reactive.

Keep more customers

Keep More Customers

  • Develop awareness around the key factors of why your customers choose your competition.

  • Learn the strategy to recognize warning signs and put plans into action to keep more customers.

Tame the customer service storm
  • Turn quick cancellations into lifetime clients.

  • Service your clients the same way you sold them.

  • Keep your customers at peak excitement forever.

Conquer customer service myths
  • Remove damaging beliefs that harm your customer service.

  • Provide customers value through knowledge.

  • Develop more assertive and confident employees.

Create super addicted clients.
  • Adopt game-changing 6 Human Needs service psychology.

  • Meet your customers' internal needs that drive happiness.

  • Create clients who become raving advocates for your brand.


We chose to work with FPG because they understand training programs must extend beyond the classroom and into people's daily lives to be effective. It's not enough for our sales team to attend a two-day workshop, take tons of notes, and have no follow-up process outside of the classroom. FPG believes in this experiential learning model so much that they do not offer corporate contracts. BMC is on a month-to-month agreement based on results, which is exactly what the program promises to deliver.

Dave Flitman, President & CEO, BMC


I am grateful for this opportunity to grow, learn, and discover new skills. Lifting my confidence in what I have been doing feels great. It was amazing to see how much I leaned each time I watched the lessons and wrote my notes. I was having a "wow" moment over here!

Anne Stevens, Sales Professional, Home Creations





Your profit growth is dependent on the buy-in of your customer service team. Our exciting, up-tempo seminars give your leaders the emotional fuel they need to dive headfirst into their training experience. With our unique blend of tactics and emotional electricity, we focus on mastery so your people can become customer service gurus right away.



True, lasting behavior change doesn’t happen without ongoing learning. Your engaging weekly video lessons with FPG CEO Jason Forrest take your people through a deeper dive of the seminars that include weekly application with real-world people. Everything is engineered for your unique business realities.

Video Application Calls

Video Application Calls

The most effective learning isn’t just done in a classroom. It’s created through learning, growing, and using what you’ve learned in the field with your customers. Your people review, roleplay, and receive tactical coaching from certified trainers that helps them turn every client into an advocate for your solutions.


 Interested in Service Unleashed?

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