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Your Pipeline is Your Lifeline

Too often, salespeople will simple do what they’re told to do, or follow what other salespeople are doing.

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But a true Sales Warrior will base their efforts on what MUST be done to give your business an edge no matter what is happening in the economy or market. This is referred to as “keeping a full pipeline.” 

Your sales team must learn how to fill their pipeline and keep it full through any season. And all it takes is spending a minimum of 90 minutes a day to accomplish it. Seriously – just 90 minutes a day will help your Sales Warriors keep their sales pipeline full of leads, regardless of the month, season, or year! With this course, they’ll avoid slumps and assure their sales days won’t suddenly dry up.

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6 Lessons
105 Minutes of Training Videos
6 Hours of Zoom Dojo sessions
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Execute What You Learn

Certainly, there is a “selling season”. But it’s not really a selling season – it’s a season of circumstances where your team has more interested prospect than other times of the year. This causes sales people to feel like selling is not in their control. 

That’s why learning how to keep their pipeline full year-round is so crucial. It boils down to filling their pipeline with as many people as they can so that when the best leads or prospects are exhausted, there’s still plenty in their funnel.

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Execute What You Learn
Imagine your Sales Warriors learning how to keep their pipelines full of prospects, with just 90 minutes of extra effort a day. Do you think that might impact your business performance? We do, and this program accomplishes it.
Get Trained Where You Are

Get Trained Where You Are

Training your Sales Warriors on how to keep their lifeline pipeline healthy and full requires a number of practical steps they will master in this program. At the end of the training, they’ll understand exactly how to enjoy sales consistency at any point during the year.

From evaluating the health of their current pipeline, creating a social strategy, disrupting the pattern, and mastering the 6 human needs of a prospect, this training course is filled with invaluable selling lessons they will both embrace and exploit. At its completion, you will not only have Sales Warriors with a pipeline filled with prospects, you’ll have salespeople filled with new-found confidence.

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Are your Sales Warriors ready for the next "Coronavirus", stock market crash, rising interest rates, or the inbound marketing faucet drying up?  If not, then let's get them prepared together.

Weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions

Has Your Sales Team Ever Attended a Seminar, But Had Zero Results? That's Due To a Lack of Accountability.

In our Zoom Dojo Sessions, your sales team will practice what they’ve learned with our certified instructors to increase their effectiveness with your prospects and customers. "The hour after the training session is our highest conversion rate hour of the week." Armando - Komatsu

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Weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions
Show us a successful professional sales person, and we’ll show you a Sales Warrior who understands the importance of maintaining a healthy, full pipeline. This course details the secrets and steps to both achieving it and maintaining it.
Jason Forrest

Train In Times Of Peace So You Don't Get Bloody In War - Navy SEALs

"I created this course to solve my own personal problem of lack of consistency with inbound marketing leads in my company. This course teaches Sales Warriors the best way to put their income in their own hands and remove the dependency of marketing or circumstances that are out of their control!"  Jason Forrest

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What You'll Become

Starting Strong

 How to evaluate the strength of your current sales pipeline.

 The power of forethought – becoming great and staying a step ahead.

 The difference between cold calling and cool calling.

 Category calls, and how they can strengthen your current pipeline.

 & more...

Social Strategy

 How to build a social strategy.

 How to leverage a social strategy to strengthen the pipeline.

 3 ways to use LinkedIn to fill the pipeline.

 What the death of prospecting is.

 & more...

The Top 10 Follow Up

 How to follow up with top prospects and receive a valuable response.

 How to craft follow up messages prospects cannot ignore.

 10 follow up ideas that meet the 6 human needs, so prospects want to move forward.

 & more...


 The 4 things testimonials do for Sales Warriors.

 The value of satisfied customers.

 Understanding the value of customer testimonials.

 How to ask for testimonials and how to use them to strengthen the pipeline.

 & more...

Finishing Strong

 How to know if that time off has been earned.

 How to remain in a prospect’s mind even when there’s no engagement happening.

 The secrets of finishing strong, every time.

 & more...

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Your Sales Success Is Our Score Card



Discover How Just 90 Minutes a Day Can Provide Your Sales Warriors with a Never-Ending Supply of Prospects.

Take back certainty in your sales forecast now-regardless of the circumstances.

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