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6 Strategies to Sell Through a Down Economy

The last couple of years have been a scary time, but have also been an interesting time and, surprisingly, one of the strongest housing booms that we have ever experienced.

That boom has now led to a correction that requires a new way to think, act, and speak to sell successfully today.

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6 Strategies to Sell Through a Down Economy

Based on our research, in 2021 and 2022, 80% of buyers talking to sales professionals had already decided to buy a home but were needing to be convinced on whom to buy from.

Today it's the opposite. 80% of buyers haven't decided to make a change. They have lost their certainty that it feels safe to buy now.

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This is, of course, from rising interest rates, pricing, and the new belief that prices will fall. This doesn't mean builders are doomed. It's actually quite the opposite.

It just means the strategy on how to succeed must be adjusted. This new strategy starts with adjusting our front-line sales professionals' mindset, process, and language. In this 8-week course: Jason Forrest, Mary Marshall Forrest, and FPG Sales Trainers will teach your team and create accountability around:

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What You Will Learn:

How to create urgency in a non-urgent buyer

How to make people feel safe to buy in a down economy

What your prospects need to hear from you to make a change

Five-step process to remove resistance (fear) of purchasing right now

The exact perfect time to use social proof to remove ambiguity

What do you need to say when the prospect says, "The media says to wait because prices are going to fall"

One question that you must use that qualifies the buyer, so you're not wasting their time or yours

Three steps to take advantage of a down market and win sales away from your competition

The two questions that every prospect is asking and must be answered to buy right now

A selling message crafted to create certainty in today's economy

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My Team Will Deliver the Training Over 8 Weeks in the Following 4 Ways:

1. In the first week, Jason Forrest or Mary Marshall Forrest will lead a private one-hour kickoff zoom webinar with your team. This webinar aims to introduce the 6 strategies while inspiring your team to take advantage of the circumstances ahead. Your team is doing the best they can with the resources they have. So we want to change the way they think about a down market, so a down market changes for them.

2. During the next 7 weeks, your team will watch a short video from me where I teach the specific strategies in more detail. The purpose of this is to break down the complexity of how to sell through a down economy into doable bite-size chunks. This method drives certainty in your team that it's possible to achieve their sales goals right now.

3. Every week, your team will have specific real-world assignments that must be executed with their prospects. These applications are created for one purpose- to drive more profitable sales today. (While, of course, taking market share from your competition).

4. Your team will get on a 50-minute- private, weekly zoom dojo session with one of our highly trained and certified FPG trainers. These trainers are there for one reason, to create accountability around the strategy needed to be executed that week. They execute this by removing the leashes or selling fears that prevent your sales professionals from winning sales right now.

I am not going to sugar coat what I am about to say, "If you choose to put your team through this 8 week training - they will think, act, and speak differently, but it's going to require your belief in your people's capability, and that you believe it's possible to sell more right now without lowering your prices".

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Jason Forrest


You're not going to believe what I am about to say

You're company's ability to make 2021 sales numbers in a Q4, 2022, and 2023 economy is not a matter of circumstances - but is a matter of strategy! - Jason Forrest

Warren Buffet says, "be opportunistic when others are fearful and fearful when others are opportunistic." Now is exactly your time to be opportunistic and create an advantage for yourself.

"When the housing market changed some builders were worried about sales, but since we have FPG we knew that our team had the skillset to take market share, and increase our conversion rate no matter what the economy is."

Scott Jagoe, Owner

Jagoe Homes,Homebuilding


Your company's ability to sell through a down economy is equal to your salespeople's ability to create urgency.

Let's get started today, creating more sales or you.

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Homebuilders, because of the current economy, this course is in HIGH DEMAND. We will be working with you on a first-come, first-serve basis. So sign up now, and we will get you scheduled.

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