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Removing Your Prospect's Fear of Change

7 Steps to Lead Your Prospect to Leave Your Competition and Choose You
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Learn how to help prospects overcome their fear of change and make the switch following these steps! Download the FREE Infographic now!

Because research tells us that 95% of purchasing decisions are emotional.

During this valuable, in-depth FPG course, you will learn the 7 steps to create a ready and willing buyer.

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8 Lessons
120 Minutes of Training Videos
8 Hours of Zoom Dojo sessions
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Removing Your Prospects Fear of Change

Learn The Secret to Selling More Today

Your prospects start the sales experience with your sales people in a confused, uncertain, annoyed, defensive emotional state.

As you already know, they can't make a buying decision from a place of fear. So let us teach your team:

  • How to pull out the prospect's current emotional state
  • How to get the prospect to share their desired emotional state
  • How to set a plan to attain their desired state
  • How to execute on that plan to win more sales! 
  • All while leading the   customer to feel peace, certainty, and freedom in buying from you!
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Selling is easy for the buyers unless their emotional needs are not understood!

Removing Your Prospects Fear of Change

I Have a Question for You:

Think right now of your latest big purchase decision. What was the emotional state that you started in, compared to where the Sales Warrior led you to at the end? Did you go from frustration to happiness? Or something else?

How did it benefit you to have a Sales Professional make you feel that positive emotional state? What if you could have all of your prospects feel the way you felt with every sales experience? 

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With learning how to give your customers peace and certainty, your Sales Professionals will become the ultimate servant leader for your prospects. All while achieving more profitable sales!

Weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions

Has Your Sales Team Ever Attended a Seminar, But Had Zero Results? That's Due To a Lack of Accountability.

In our Zoom Dojo Sessions, your sales team will practice what they’ve learned with our certified instructors to increase their effectiveness with your prospects and customers. "The hour after the training session is our highest conversion rate hour of the week." Armando - Komatsu

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sales team will practice what they’ve learned

How many more profitable sales would your company win if 30%, 50%, 70% more of your prospects felt peace, freedom, joy, and certainty in buying from you?

Jason Forrest

You have been taught to sell emotionally, but not like this!

"I created this course because other trainers tell you to sell emotionally, or prospects buy "the why", or based on emotion. The problem is, those sales theorist never told you HOW to do it!  That just left me and other hardworking Sales Warriors frustrated and wanting more! So, the problem needed to be solved, and this course is the solution!"  Jason Forrest

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What You'll Become

Step 1: Label the Emotion

 Learn how to encourage your prospect to verbalize their emotional state by having them tell you how they feel about a product or service.

Step 2: Leading the Witness to the Worst Possible Outcome

 We’ll show you how to make a prospect aware of the worst possible outcome of a decision, and how you can be recognized as their solution and savior by working with you.

Step 3: Using Anchoring to Separate Yourself from the Competition

 Learn how to separate yourself from all other salespeople your prospect has encountered in the past by “anchoring” them to you through language and hand motions that create greater trust and emotional rapport.

Step 4: Find the Desired Emotional State

 You’ve learned how to establish how they feel, how it could get worse, and how you’re different from every other salesperson. Now, learn how to move them away from the negative emotion they fear and toward the desired state of achieving something amazing.

Step 5: Set the Agenda with the Emotional State

 Learn how to lay out the critical final steps to get your prospect to the positive emotion they want to be in.

Step 6: Determine if They’ve Reached Their Buying State

 This step teaches you how to make sure you’ve successfully accomplished the previous steps via checkpoints to take their emotional temperature. If you did what you set out to do, you’ll be done. If you’re not quite there yet, you’ll move to step 7.

Step 7:  Celebrate Their Progress and Stop the Emotional Cycle

 This is where you learn the vital step of closing The Emotional Cycle. We’ll show you how to make sure you’ve taken them as far as possible before the conversation ends, and leave your prospect feeling 100% cared for, with no loose ends or further questions.

What You'll Discover

 During this course, each of these 7 steps will be explored in detail, as well as 3 other important concepts that tie into emotions: Anchoring, Transference, and Eliciting and Installing Language. All are key to understanding how to best control the emotions of your prospect, and how to achieve the most positive responses.

 When completed, you’ll discover this invaluable training has added yet another crucial weapon to your sales arsenal! 

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If 95% of Buyer's Decisions Happen In The Subconscious Mind, Then How Many Sales Could Your Team Be Losing?

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