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Walk away with a personalized prescription to sell through any situation

Want to experience true fearlessness? Here’s where it happens. Our Engage® Course in partnership with BSRP will teach your Sales Professionals how to consistently sell through any circumstance. 

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It will shine the high beams on scenarios using the SPQ*GOLD®/FSA behavioral sales assessment. They will learn situations where they're reluctant to use their sales process, have fear to prospect and follow-up, and then they'll write a tailored prescription that will help them overcome those fears.  If you are looking for "the course" to increase the number of contacts your team is achieving, then let's sell something together...

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2 Day Boot Camp
6 Lessons
72 Mins of Training Videos
6 Hours of Zoom Dojo sessions
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Have You Ever Heard from Your Sales Person?

 "If we don't give this discount, then we will lose the deal."

 "I don't want to come across pushy by calling them again."

 "I can't sell as assertively over zoom as I can in person."

 "The prospect told me they would let me know when they are moving forward."

 "If I close them too soon, then I will push them away."

 "If I ask for a referral, then they will think I am desperate."

 "If I try to upsell them, then I will end up losing the first deal."

If you answered "Yes" then you're losing revenue because of Sales Fear.  But the good news, it can be cured!

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40% of veteran Sales Professionals admit to having one or more episodes of sales reluctance that is threatening their career.

2 Day Boot Camp

Your sales team is about to embark on a journey that will redefine their sales career. It will push them to break their plateaus, so they can finally earn what they're truly worth.

As they unleash their fear about selling, they’re going to experience true transformation on a level equal to your investment. If they go all-in on this training, there is literally no limit to how much they can earn.  That’s right. The sky is truly the limit.

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80% of Sales Professionals fail in the first year because they are not getting in front of enough prospective buyers to hit their targets.

Day 1: Understand Your Reluctances

This is where you hop on the "sales fear scale" and see exactly what you are afraid of, and more importantly, what it's costing you.

Self-Promotion: It’s Not Just for Politicians and Instagram Influencers

Self-Promotion: It’s Not Just for Politicians and Instagram Influencers

Not everybody is a natural self-promoter. But we can study them, and learn from what they do. Engage participants will discover the three critical behaviors of self-promotion, and which qualities they have as a salesperson that are shared with the most successful people in the world.

The “Indisputable” Secret to Success?

The “Indisputable” Secret to Success?

Self-promotion is the “missing link” in modern career management. But when it comes to promoting themselves, most people can’t, don’t or simply won’t. Your team will learn how to understand the fear of self-promotion as they prepare to understand their own sales reluctances.

Confronting Call Reluctance

Confronting Call Reluctance

When the fear of Self-Promotion attaches itself to salespeople, it imposes an artificially low ceiling on networking, prospecting, and following up. On the street it’s called “Sales Call Reluctance,” “Close Reluctance,” or "Fear".  During this training your team will learn what Sales Call Reluctance is, and isn’t, where it comes from, and its impact on their overall sales.

The 16 Faces of Sales Call Reluctance

The 16 Faces of Sales Call Reluctance

Learn the different places that Sales Call Reluctance reveals itself, and what those behaviors look like. And most importantly: what they are costing your team!

An MRI For Your Sales Health!

An MRI For Your Sales Health!

It's time to review your SPQ® GOLD®/FSA Results. Your team will have a deep understanding of their reluctances, where they come from, and how they reveal themselves in their behaviors. They will be able to see their personalized results, and diagnose the exact behavior that is holding them back from making more sales. 

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Day 2: Countermeasures

Your team is not broken, and we are not here to fix them. We are here to liberate them! Day 2, is about learning the best strategies in the world to show your team how to be free of their sales fear! This day is like benefiting from 1000s of hours of psychological therapy in just 8 hours!

How to Apply the Turn Around Countermeasure

How to Apply the Turn Around Countermeasure

Leashes are anything that hold you back from becoming the Sales Warrior you were born to be. Your team will be taught a self-coaching process that they can use immediately to break through any self-imposed limiting belief, story, reluctance, or rule.

Creating Your Own Prescription

Creating Your Own Prescription

Your sales team is currently doing the best they can with the internal resources they have, and positive change always comes from adding more resources. In this session, your sales team will be choosing what they want to unleash based on what gives them the greatest return on their investment and return on their time.

Experience some strategies to increase your motivation no matter how much they

Got "Ghosted"?

Motivation to initiate contact even more and follow up relentlessly even more comes from psychological and physical motivation. Experience some strategies to increase your motivation no matter how much they "ghost" you!

Warrior List

Warrior List

What if your sales team could get in front of 10 key accounts that would dramatically change their income and the sales results of the company? We are going to show them how.

How to Apply the Positive Intention Countermeasure

How to Apply the Positive Intention Countermeasure

A simple yet insanely effective 3 step strategy to remove any prospecting fear. No matter if it's stage fright, telephobia, asking for referrals, selling over zoom, if your sales professional is hesitant then this technique is the cure.

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Your Growth Doesn’t Stop Here

The next step in your 6-week follow-up program focuses on using these countermeasures to make more sales.

Put your sales script out to every prospect. Learn how to follow-up using LinkedIn, text messaging, cold calling, video emails, selfie videos, and more. Experience more certainty by attending weekly a one-hour Zoom Dojo Sessions. Be prepared to share your achievements and stories where you overcame fear, and to be held accountable to prospect even more.

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sell through any circumstance

The 6-Week Engage® Accountability Course

 By now, you’ve mastered the 5/4/3 Factor® and have your prescription for success.
Now, in our 6-Week Engage Accountability Course, you’re going to put your progress to the test. You’ve created the highest conversion script possible for your industry, but what good is it if you’re not using it? This 6-week program focuses on getting that script out to every prospect.

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What You Will Learn

What You Resist Persists

 A powerful technique to remove procrastination with contacting your prospects.

 Learn how top Sales Warriors turn towards what others avoid.

 Experience how we can use fear to motivate us vs just hold us back.

 The importance of using a contact tracker to drive the habit of consistent follow up.

Cause and Effect Thinking

 A simple technique to become 33% more successful in achieving your sales activity goals.

 How to reverse engineer your goals to maximize your probability of achievement.

 What Navy Seal David Goggins teaches us to hit our sales targets.

 90% of start ups fail in the first year because they don't do this one thing.

Sell For Vs. Sell To

 How to channel the energy of the prospect's protector from your competition to move sales forward.

 That selling someone to choose you is doing something for them not to them.

 The power of empathy and seeing the world from your prospect's perspective to increase your conversion rate.

 How to increase your prospecting and follow up activity by 29% through a simple 10 min daily practice.

Power of Duplication

 The fastest technique to overcome fear of prospecting, networking, cold calling, stage fright, follow up, using social media, PERIOD!

 What we learned from Abraham Maslow that removes a kid's stuttering problem that 100% creates more boldness when speaking with your prospects.

 How to leverage your areas of fearlessness to win sales from your competition.

 How to hold your ground with your pricing and still increasing your conversion rate.

Creating Active Habits

 Experience that awareness is the birthplace for improving your prospecting habits.

 How to use the power of neuroplasticity to win more sales today.

 The secret to improving self-discipline around relentless follow up - that's already with in you.

 A simple self-coaching process you can using today to have the prospecting motivation of a superior athlete.


 What I learned from repelling down a 20-story building that has helped me overcome anything that's holding me back from achieving my goals.

 The power of intending what you want from your sales goals.

 The impact of "feeling" into your daily actions to double your motivation to act.

 The value of celebrating your wins, learnings, and insights to create warrior fuel for your future success.

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What if you spoke to every prospect like it was the last time you would ever see them?  How many more sales would earn?

What if Sales Didn't Have To Be So Stressful?

You’re going to learn and be held accountable to removing fear around prospecting through social media, overcoming rejection, coming across too pushy, and group presentations.

You’re going to overcome fear of: using LinkedIn and other social media to prospect, sending selfie videos, text messaging your prospects, cold calling, sending video emails, closing strong over a Zoom meeting, and any other technique or channel possible.

You’re going to come to your Zoom Dojo Session each week prepared to share your achievements and stories of overcoming fear, and be held accountable to prospect, network, follow-up even more.

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Tailor-Made Just For You

Unlike most sales training where there is a one-size-fits all approach

Engage is different.  You'll be working on exactly where you need to level up and be unleashed. No two Sales Professionals in the course will be working on the exact same thing.  And because of this approach, you are guaranteed to sell more!

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What If We Were Fearless?

"I created this course in partnership with BSRP (the researchers behind the Sales Reluctance assessment) because the assessment originally changed my life. Since the age of 24, I have been obsessed with removing fear from hard-working, dedicated Sales Warriors. This course is a game changer in giving Sales Warriors that inner peace and freedom that we all are searching for!"  Jason Forrest

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Your Sales Success Is Our Score Card


Your company's ability to profitably scale is equal to many prospects hear your value proposition.  Let's get started today removing fear from your sales team for you. (SPQ*GOLD is a registered trademark of Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc., Dallas, Texas, USA. Used with permission. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.)


What would happen if your sales team  doubled the number of prospects they spoke to in 6 weeks?

If that is something that would benefit you, then sign up now and let's sell something!!

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