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Energies Unleashed 

Your Sales Warriors don’t possess just a single energy, they actually have six. The problem is that research states they are only using maybe 1/2 of them. But when they cultivate all 6 - their conversion rate doubles!

Have you noticed that with some customers your sales professionals are in complete energetic synergy with 100% of the time, where others only some of the time, and some prospects feel like they are on a completely different planet from you?

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Well, let me introduce you to the 6 energies of the complete Sales Warrior. Your team will learn:

1. Specific dormant energies that are inside you and if unleashed, would double your conversion rate. 

2. The secret to getting your prospects to open up to you and tell you their fears, frustrations, desires, and dreams, so you can serve, lead, and protect them fully.

3. How to get your prospects and customers to notice you in the “noise” of your competition.

4. How to gain the leadership position from “Controlling Prospects” so you can improve their lives.  And so much more!

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8 Lessons
120 Minutes of Training Videos
8 Hours of Zoom Dojo sessions
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move sales forward with Energy Unleashed

Execute What You Learn

When your team is correctly tapping into the six energies, they’ll be more in control of any prospect and any sales situation.

Team members likely feel more drawn to some energies than others. But the ultimate sales warrior always has all six at the ready. They might err to one side or another, but they must have all six, and learn how to identify which is needed in the moment.

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If a salesperson’s energy is properly aligned with a prospect, they’ll feel connected and excited. But if there’s a misalignment, they’ll feel that too. By utilizing the Supporting Opposites of the six energies, they’ll always be able to perfectly align with their customer. 

Get Trained Where You Are

Energies Unleashed will help your team understand the mindset, process, and language behind utilizing the six energies they all possess, but don’t realize – yet.

By completing this course and mastering the supporting opposites within the six energies, they’ll always be able to build rapport more easily with a customer and greatly increase their conversion rate. 

They’ll learn how to perfectly orchestrate the energy needed in any given sales situation and match the energy of their prospects to align with them before successfully leading them through the sale.

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Get Trained Where You Are
When one of your sales team encounters a prospect with the same type of energy, they will repel each other. Our Energy Unleashed training will teach them how to successfully deal with this unique sales situation – and win.

What You Will Learn

What if you could gain control of a controlling prospect? Or, what if you could learn the fastest way to handle an angry buyer? Or, what to say to remove ambiguity for a buyer that's on the fence? Or, how to stop getting "Ghosted"? - Sign Up Now 

The Energy of Presence

 How to gain a position of strength right away and sustain it throughout the sale.

 The importance of holding and having presence, so prospects will be trusting and share all their fears and dreams as quickly as possible.

 Why it’s vital to eliminate distractions.

 The situation that makes it impossible to truly listen to someone.

 How to get a prospect to share their 3 why’s deep.

 & more...

The Energy of Expression

 How to keep a prospect’s attention.

 The one thing that separates Sales Warriors from other salespeople.

 What expression is really all about.

 How to have the courage to speak to a customer as if you’ll never speak to them again.

 What happens when we fail to express our emotions.

 The 3 statements that will help a prospect express their fears.

 & more...

The Energy of Claim

 What does a sales warrior stand IN?

 What claim is really all about.

 What must be claimed from a prospect.

 How claim provides a more fulfilling purpose and life.

 The different things claim can mean to a Sales Warrior.

 & more...

The Energy of Surrender

 How to win by surrendering.

 What surrender actually is, and what it’s not.

 How to turn competitive disadvantages into advantages for you.

 The real-life situations that call salespeople into surrender.

 Learn when to surrender, and why it’s ok.

 & more...

The Energy of Penetration

 How Sales Warriors can leave their mark on a prospect.

 How to use language intentionally to pierce a customer’s way of thinking.

 How to make a prospect see the world differently.

 The 5 ways to be impeccable with words and harness the energy of penetration.

 & more...

The Energy of Invitation

 How to become a living, magnetic force for prospects.

 The value of being a center of influence, and how it allows a salesperson to stand out.

 How all the other Energies connect with Invitation.

 Understanding the power of approachability and how to maximize it.

 The 3 Steps to be more inviting.

 The Achilles heel all salespeople have.

 & more...

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Unleash the energy that’s inherent in all your Sales Warriors with this powerful program.
Jason Forrest and Mary Marshall Forrest

What if you could double your conversion rate?

"We both individually had a high conversion rate, even though we sold very differently if you watched us.  So we decided to merge our two styles to create something even better! This course is unlike anything you've ever experienced!"  Jason Forrest and Mary Marshall Forrest

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Give your Sales Warriors unbelievable powers to move sales forward with Energy Unleashed.

When your salespeople perfect the 6 energies taught in Energy Unleashed, they’ll be able
to effortlessly build rapport with every customer and close sales like never before.

Book now, and let’s make sales together!

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Why wait? Offer Energy Unleashed training now, and empower your people with the perfect blend of energies to move sales forward.

Watch your sales force conversion rates soar after they master our Energy Unleashed training.

"I doubled my conversion rate when I tapped into my dormant energies." -Jason Forrest

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