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Advocacy Unleashed

What if every sales professional could sell your product or service at the same level as your top sales professional? How many more profitable sales would your company win?
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In this course you are going to learn:

1. How to think, speak, and act like a "founder" to drive more loyal customers,
2. How to communicate to your prospects and customers the competitive advantages of your company,
3. How to understand at a deeper level your prospect's and customer's goals so that you can serve them.

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There are very few ways more effective for increasing your company’s business than through advocacy – leveraging the endorsements of others to publicly endorse and recommend you.

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6 Lessons
+90 Minutes of Training Videos
+6 Hours of Zoom Dojo Sessions
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Advocacy Unleashed course

Execute What You Learn

50% of your customers come from your advocates: Learn how to 10X this source.

This course was created from years of experiencing and studying some of the masters of sales.  And experience shows that this is the best way to master something as important as creating customer advocates. If this sounds like something your sales team can benefit from, click on the following link to discover more.

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Would it be fair to say that your company would be selling 10, 20, 30, 100 times more if every Sales Professional advocated like your owner?
Advocacy Unleashed course

Get Trained Where You Are

In our FPG Advocacy Unleashed course, you will learn and master the 6 key behaviors of unleashing your inner advocate on behalf of yourself and your business. Your sales team will discover:

How to actively use and seek countermeasures, how to be energized by debate and conflict, how to become respectfully provocative, how to be a relentless promoter, & much more!

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With FPG Advocacy Unleashed training, your Account Executives will become the ultimate advocates for your company. And more importantly, more profitable sales!

“I went into this very reluctantly, but at the same time, I've always welcomed coaching. I never thought this training would be at the level it's at. After 25 years of not just sales, sales management, or even senior level management did I think a program like this existed. I'm really enjoying it and know it will make me even better in the field and the office.”

Shawn FitzSimmons, Senior Account Manager at Myers Industries

Weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions

Has Your Sales Team Ever Watched A Video Lesson, But Had Zero Results? The Answer Is Lack of Accountability.

In our Zoom Dojo Sessions, your sales team will practice what they’ve learned with our certified instructors to increase their effectiveness with your prospects and customers. "The hour after the training session is our highest conversion rate hour of the week." Armando - Komatsu

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Weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions
Weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions
So, what’s the best way to create advocate customers?
To become an advocate for yourself! Research regarding this simple fact couldn’t be clearer: A 12% increase in advocacy can represent a 200% increase in revenue growth!
Jason Forrest

What If Everyone Sold Like the Founder?

"I created this course because I was sick and tired of Sales Professionals not sounding as passionate or as knowledgeable as the CEO, Owner, President, or Head of Sales. I realized the problem was they have never been taught how to think or talk like the Owner.  Advocacy Unleashed solves that problem."  - Jason Forrest

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Every Company Is Founded With Passion To Make A Change, But They Lack Advocates In Their Organization

Research from SNARC found that it only takes 10% of a population holding an unshakable belief to convince the rest of the population to adopt the same beliefs. In other words, the speed of a company scaling is equal to the number of advocates in the organization.

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Advocates In Organization

What You Will Learn:

The True Meaning of Advocacy

 The 6 behaviors that all Advocates demonstrate.

 Channeling the Power of Nelson Mandela to knock out the competition.

 Why movements are created and how to create a movement for your product or service.

 The one secret ingredient that determines the speed of a company scaling.

 & more...

Advocate for Yourself

 How to avoid burnout and create an unyielding source of motivation.

 One unknown, yet simple way, to improve your performance.

 What I learned at 25, that I still use to this day: how to persuade people with more experience, wealth, and age than me.

 Two phrases that top producers say to earn creditability and trust with their customers.

 & more...

Advocate for the Company

 How to channel the conviction of the company founder when speaking with prospects.

 The one trait that, when mastered, will get you more raises and promotions than anything else.

 A simple litmus test to determine your belief in your company, and what to do about improving it.

 & more...

Advocate for the Product

 What I learned from selling homes at 23, that I use today to sell million-dollar training contracts.

 The one thing you must know, and if you don't know, will kill your sales career.

 3 steps to advocating for your product.

 How to determine if you are giving off "Creepy Guy Vibes", and how to stop it so you can stop losing sales.

 & more...

Advocate for the Customer

 What we learned from starting a recruiting company that caused us at first to sell less... then 10 times more.

 One strategy that creates 37% higher customer retention.

 50% of your customers come from this one source: How to 10X this source.

 Research that states what customers want from a sales professional more than anything else.

 & more...

Advocacy Commencement

 One of the driving forces that creates top sales performers, and how to use that force to convert more prospects.

 What I learned from my parents supporting my high school football career that made me a better Sales Warrior.

 A simple exercise that will increase your gratitude and your sales courage.

 A visualization technique that Tom Brady uses to win the Super Bowl that you can use to convert more deals.

 & more...

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"For our front line sellers this course teaches how effectively advocating for themselves, their company, their product, and their customer ultimately creates a customer that is an advocate for them, which is important because customers who are advocates buy significantly more than customers who are not."

Grant Williams, Director of Sales Northeast Region

Myers Tires Supplies, Motor Vehicle Manufacturing


Your company's ability to profitably scale is equal to how many advocates you have.  

Let's get started today creating more advocates for you.


In this course you are going to learn:

1. How to think, speak, and act like a "founder" to drive more loyal customers,
2. How to communicate to your prospects and customers the competitive advantages of your company,
3. How to understand at a deeper level your prospect's and customer's goals so that you can serve them.

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Would it be fair to say that you'd be selling 10, 20, 30, or 100x more if every Sales Person on your team advocated for your company like you?

A powerful new course created to teach your Sales Team how to sell like the founder called, Advocacy Unleashed!

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