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The Sales Warrior's Advantage: 6 Ways to Embrace Economic Uncertainty to Sell More


Are you frustrated with your prospect's and customers stalling because of economic uncertainty? Are you concerned about hitting your sales targets and need a solution that delivers results? Look no further than our new sales training course.

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Our 8-week program is designed to equip your sales team with the tools they need to thrive in tough economic climates.

Created in 2023 by Jason Forrest, this course will teach your team how to become Sales Warriors, ready to take on any challenge and close more deals than ever before.

The course is jam-packed with proven strategies, insights, and techniques that will transform your sales team into a force to be reckoned with. Your team will learn how to leverage economic uncertainty to their advantage, how to become problem solvers and trusted advisors, and how to use data to make smarter, more informed decisions.

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And the best part? The course kicks off with a private Zoom webinar hosted by Jason Forrest himself

This exclusive session is a unique opportunity for your team to get up close and personal with the 5th ranked Sales Guru of 2023.

Don't let economic uncertainty hold your sales team back any longer. Book a call today to sign up your team for our new sales training course. With "The Sales Warrior's Advantage", your team will be well on their way to success and your board will thank you for it.

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What Your Team Will Learn:


How to create urgency in a non-urgent buyer,


How to make people feel safe to buy in a down economy,


What your prospects need to hear from you to make a change,


Five-step process to remove resistance (fear) of purchasing right now,


The exact perfect time to use social proof to remove ambiguity,


One question that you must use that qualifies the buyer, so you're not wasting their time or yours,


Three steps to take advantage of a down market and win sales away from your competition,


The two questions that every prospect is asking and must be answered to buy right now,


A selling message crafted to create certainty in today's economy.

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FPG Will Deliver the Training Over 8 Weeks in the Following 4 Ways:

1. Jason Forrest will lead a private one our kickoff zoom webinar with your team. The purpose of this webinar is to introduce the 6 strategies while inspiring your team to take advantage of the circumstances ahead. Your team is doing the best they can with the resources they have, and positive change always comes from adding more resources.

2. During the next 7 weeks your team will watch a short video from Jason Forrest where he teaches the specific strategies in more detail. The purpose of this is break down the complexity of strategies into bite size doable chunks. This method drives certainty in your team that it's possible to achieve their sales goals right now.

3. Every week your team will have specific real-world assignments that must be executed with their prospects. These applications are created for one purpose- to drive more profitable sales today. (While of course taking market share from your competition.)

4. Your team will get on a 50 minute- private, weekly, zoom dojo session with one of our highly trained and certified FPG trainers. These trainers are there for one reason, to create accountability around the strategy needed to be executed that week. They execute this by removing the leashes or selling fears that prevent your sales professionals from wining sales right now.

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"I am not going to sugar coat what I am about to say, If you choose to put your team through this 8 week training - they will think, act, and speak differently, but it's going to require your belief in your people's capability, and that you believe it's possible to sell more right now without lowering your prices".

Jason Forrest

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"You're company's ability to make 2022 sales numbers in a 2023 economy is not a matter of circumstances, but is a matter of the strategic decisions you make right now!"

Warren Buffet says, "be opportunistic when others are fearful and fearful when others are opportunistic."

Now is exactly your time to be opportunistic and create an advantage for your team.

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To speak to one of our Sales Warriors. If you are impressed with our Sales Experience, then that's perfect because they have been recruited and trained by us!

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