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Adopt The One Sales Process That Makes All Other Sales Processes Obsolete

Your sales team must stop winging it with every sale. Their inconsistent sales process leads to their inconsistent results, which leads to uncertainty in your sales forecast. Change that now! Instead, work with us and co-create the highest conversion rate script in your industry.

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Our accountable behavior change philosophy comes from transforming the process, mindset, and language through an ongoing sales training program.

You’ll get your mind right by completing the Warrior Selling® Beliefs course and the 5/4/3 Factor® course.  This is the last sales process you'll ever need!

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16 Lessons
120 Minutes of Audio Lessons
Interactive Lesson Guide
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Warrior Selling 5/4/3 Factor® course

Your Sales Team Might be Getting in Their Own Way

When your beliefs and your behaviors are in conflict, your beliefs always win!

We have studied the philosophies and the beliefs of the top 1% Sales Warriors, and created a single source opus of how Sales Warriors think. (And how they think always drives what they do.)

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A recent study found that companies that defined a formal sales process experienced 18% more revenue growth than companies that didn’t.  And guess what? Those companies that executed on that research performed even more.

You Must Think Differently to Achieve Different Results

Your team has been programmed to believe things about selling from gen pop or poser sales people long enough. It's time to set the record straight!

The Philosophy of Warrior Selling

All human beings move away from pain and toward life improvement, and a Sales Warrior's mission is to liberate them from any indecision.

Warrior Selling Beliefs 1- 5

 All human beings move away from pain and toward life improvement, and a Sales Warrior's mission is to liberate them from any indecision.

 The definition of selling is to give certainty plus education with rapport.

 The rule of selling is to make it easy for people to spend money to improve their lives.

 The purpose of selling is to convince the just looking buyer to buy from you today over all alternatives.

 The objective of selling is to make people feel wanted and to achieve resolution.

Warrior Selling Beliefs 6-10

 Selling is about getting the customer to buy sooner, and spend more money than they planned on.

 The Sales Warrior is the primary source of confidence, motivation, hope, and certainty in the prospect's decision to buy or not buy.

 Resolution with every prospect arrives by balancing speed and flexibility.

 All customers have hidden and admitted needs, and it's the Sales Warrior's objective to solve both.

 The most important thing in selling is position of strength, how fast you can get it, and whether or not you can keep it.

Warrior Selling Beliefs 11-15

 Performance = Knowledge - Leashes

 Objections are between the customer and themselves, not between the customer and you.

 A Sales Warrior can sell anything by breaking it down into small decisions.

 The why must be greater than the sacrifice the customer needs to make.

 A warrior sale is conflict, challenge perspective, compromise, and collaboration.

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A recent Google study found that 7% of any industry is actively buying something at any given time. 7 Percent. That means you have 93 PERCENT of the market, at any given time, just waiting for you to show them a better way with you.

Ignite the Pride, Purpose, and Respect of Professional Sales

Are you willing to see things differently? If you are, then keep reading...

What if your customers are really wanting a business relationship done in a friendly way, not a friendship that eventually discusses business?

What if your prospects want to respect you more than like you? And by putting so much importance on being liked, you are losing your customer's trust?

Is it possible that other sales trainers are teaching you to do things that are in conflict with your primary question, "How can I move a sale forward today?"

What if you believed that selling is the most noble profession in business? I wonder, how many more sales you would earn?

What if you fully realized that the #1 way to drive urgency is not to sell the incentive, but to focus on business and life improvement?

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2 Day Boot Camp
15 Lessons
450 Minutes of Training Videos
12 Hours of Zoom Dojo Sessions
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Warrior Selling 5/4/3 Factor

Fall In For The Two-Day Warrior Selling® Bootcamp

Learn the science behind the 5/4/3 Factor® and walk away with a customized selling process for your industry that feels natural to you, and your buyers. This is by far our most content-heavy course, but it’s worth the effort. Because learning the process will allow you to sell to any prospect in any circumstance.

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If you have been searching for a better way, and are ready to take the "Red Pill" then sign up now!

Day 1 - Embrace The Warrior Spirit & The 5/4/3 Factor®

Mastering the mindset of a Sales Warrior is what day one is all about, plus diving into The 5/4/3 Factor. To experience true behavior change, you must commit to changing your mindset, so you can master your process.

Session 1 - The Warrior Selling® Beliefs

 Learn that the Sales Warrior is the protector of their customer's mission to improve their life. 

 Understand that to perform more, you must focus on removing the mental leashes that are holding you back.

 We believe three things about the human race that we want to share with you:
1. Anyone can do anything
2. People work perfectly to produce the results they’re getting
3. Positive change always comes from adding more resources

Session 2 - The Warrior Selling® Philosophy

 Learn The 4 Levels of a Sales Warrior, and what is needed to be at the top.

 Realize that you are not broken, and we are not here to fix you, but we are here to liberate you.

 Experience how to earn "Worth it" money. Worth the sacrifices of missing your kid's soccer games and ballet recitals. 

 Learn that rapport is not creating a friendship with your prospects, but rather being on the same page with their problems, and goals.

Session 3 - The 5/4/3 Factor®

 Research states that the brain craves collaboration. Learn the most collaborative sales process used by the top 1%.

 Your greatest competition is your conversation you are not present too. Learn how to influence the conversation behind your back.

 Learn the importance of creating mutual purpose and mutual respect with your prospects, and how to get the prospect's gatekeeper to lower their guard and open up to you so you can help them.

Session 4 - The 5 Steps to Understand Your Customer’s Mission

 Learn how to create certainty in you as the prospect's advisor, which means they’ll trust you to sell them.

 Experience the strategy that leads your prospect to feel like you understand their goals on a deeper level.

 Figure out the magic questions that lead the prospect to share exactly what they are wanting and why.

 Have you always felt the A,B,C system of rating was outdated, and completely unreliable? So have we, which is why you will learn a sure fire way to rank your prospects and know exactly where you stand.

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Warrior Selling is about serving, leading, and protecting our prospects from being manipulated by the competition!

Day 2 - Learn The 4 Steps to Present Solutions & The 3 Steps To Resolve the Sale

What if you could separate yourself with your words, handle any objection, and close any sale?  That's what day 2 is all about!

Session 1 - Experiential Practice

 Test your knowledge to be ready for real life situations.

 Learn the advantages of bringing up the competition, and how to do it in an elegant way.

 How to stop getting stuck on "buying" signals, and focus on what really works instead.

 Realize the 3 key things you need to do in order to set the perfect agenda.

Session 2 - The 4 Steps To Present Solutions

 Learn how to create the ultimate selling message that's used by brands such as Apple, Virgin, and Tesla, to separate you from your competition.

 Game-changing strategy that will dramatically raise your income because we'll show you how to focus where you have no competition.

 Learn how to address multiple buyers at the same time while giving them what they need.

 Learn the how to become an advisor for your clients, and not just another vendor like your competition.

Session 3 - The 3 Steps To Resolve The Sale

 The most important closing question that you ever need to master... and how a "maybe" is the gateway to a "yes".

 The simple question that leads your prospect to tell you exactly the weaknesses of your competition.

 Learn how to remove the feeling of "being forced" to do something, which always leads to a stopping the sale moment for you.

 Learn what happens in your brain when confronted with an objection, and how not let your brain highjack you.

Session 4 - Next Steps

 Learn the key traits on how to master the 5/4/3 Factor.

 Follow through on your commitments, they are everything to being a Warrior. We will show you how to execute on your word.

 Habits are the bedrock of earning "Worth It" money. We will show you how to be all in.

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True Lasting Change Can Only Happen Through Experiential Learning!

Weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions

Has Your Sales Team Ever Attended a Seminar, But Had Zero Results? The Reason Is A Lack of Accountability.

Additionally, you’ll want to attend the weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions to refine your sales script, remove any leashes you have around executing the strategy, and receive coaching to move your current prospects forward.

In our Zoom Dojo Sessions, your sales team will practice what they’ve learned with our certified instructors to increase their effectiveness with your prospects and customers. "The hour after the training session is our highest conversion rate hour of the week." Armando - Komatsu

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Warrior Selling® Beliefs course and the 5/4/3 Factor® course
Jason Forrest

What If This Was The Last Sales Process You Needed To Learn?

"I have spent most of my life learning the best sales processes being taught, only to tweak the best techniques, and throw away the rest. The 5/4/3 Factor is the only sales process that makes all other sales processes obsolete. I challenge any Sales Trainer to prove me wrong!"

 Jason Forrest

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Every time you move the sale forward, you are unconsciously using a step of The 5/4/3 Factor! Let us teach you the rest of the steps!

The 6-Week Warrior Selling® Practitioner Course

Get Training That Won’t Leave You Hanging

After you graduate bootcamp, take it to the next level with the 6-Week Warrior Selling Practitioner® Course. This ain’t your typical follow up class, you’re going to go deep to become a master of The 5/4/3 Factor®. Additionally, you’ll want to attend the weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions to refine your sales script, remove any leashes you have around executing the strategy, and receive coaching that moves your current prospects forward.

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The Warrior Selling® Practitioner Course

This is where your Sales Warrior becomes a better version of themselves every single week. They will bring real-life prospects to the Dojo Sessions to "get coached" to apply what they just learned from the video lesson. 

Week 1

One Big Thing

 Experience 27 questions that might sound like a lot, but when answered will give you the goal clarity of a heat-seeking missile.

 Learn the personal formula for the most successful people in the world. Feel your personal power explode once you tap into this one tool.

Step 1: Triple Bind

 Learn the one technique that allows the prospects to give you position of strength 100% of the time.

 Learn the research that shows exactly how many choices to give someone to move the sale forward and remove ambiguity.

 Learn how to determine the price and the terms of the sale, rather than the prospect.

Week 2

Step 2: Discovery 360 

 Learn a series of questions that give you exactly what the prospect likes and doesn't like about their current product or service.

   Get the prospect to open up about exactly what your competition is not doing, so you can win the sale from them. 

Step 3: Summary Vision Close 

 When rapport is lost, all is lost. Learn the simplest, yet most powerful question that creates rapport with your prospects. This one technique will allow your customers to surrender to your leadership. 

Step 4: Categorize Your Prospects 

 Learn how to stop giving the wrong selling message to the prospect you are working. Learn the two-part process to determine the perfect hitting selling message every time.

Week 3

Step 5: Set the Agenda 

 Learn the simplest step to create certainty and give direction with your prospects.

  Learn the specific words that your customers need to hear from you before you start presenting your solution. 

Step 6: Deliver your V.E.T.O. Selling Message 

 Learn the power of creating a "Why" then "How" then "What" selling message that taps into the mind, heart, and sometimes even the soul of your prospects. Experience the importance of being provocatively respectful to disrupt the pattern of what your prospect's expect. 

Step 7: Maximize Agreement 

Learn 3 questions that will increase your position of strength with the prospect 100% of the time.  How to get you prospects to tell you the exact advantages of your services, so you get position of strength.

Week 4

Step 8: Handle Objections 

 Learn a simple, yet insanely powerful, three-step process to handling all of your prospect's objections.

  Experience the importance of gratitude when handling objections. 

Step 9: Solve the Category 

 Master the belief of, "I can sell anything by breaking it down into small decisions."

  Why prospects stop the sale, and how to not let that happen to you. 

Step 10: Commit to a Favorite 

 How to get your prospect's in a "Yes" cadence through out the closing process.

  Learn the one thing that is in direct correlation to the amount of income you will earn.

Week 5

Step 11: Resolve the Final Decision 

 How making people wanted is also asking them to buy from you.

  How to sell through the "no". 

Step 12: Resolve the Second Final Decision 

 How to be in the top 1% of all the sales people we have researched, by doing this one thing.

  How to see the prospect's first "no" as just a "maybe" in disguise.

Week 6

Turn in your 5/4/3 personalized sales script 

 Earn the most sought-after certification in the sales industry from memorizing your 5/4/3 monologue.

  Join the top 1% of all Sales Professionals in the world. 


 Celebrate your accomplishments.

  Be challenged to up-level this new version of you.

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Would it be fair to say that you'd be selling 10, 20, 30, or 100x more if every Sales Person on your team sold like your top 1%?

A powerful new course created to teach your Sales Team how to sell like the top 1%, called The 5/4/3 Factor!

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