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Service Certainty For Home Building

Learn and master The 15 Best Practices of Service Certainty.

What if you could stop the customer complaints? What if you could have "to be builds" vs. "to be cancelations"?  What if your survey scores increased by 30%?
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There are very few ways more effective for increasing your company’s business while improving employee's morale than through happy customers.  

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14 Best Practices
180 Minutes of Training Audio
7 Hours of Zoom Dojo Sessions
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Service Certainty Customer Service course

Execute What You Learn

One of Home Builder's Top Profit Leaks is Unhappy Customers and Homeowners!

This course was created from years of experiencing, researching, and consulting how to create loyal customers and homeowners.  Everything we teach your team is backed by the research of Avid Ratings. Experience shows that this is the best way to master something as important as creating customer loyalty. If this sounds like something your frontline can benefit from, click on the following link to discover more.

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Conversion Rate for Referral Prospects is Twice as High as for Marketed Prospects - Avid Ratings

Service Certainty Customer Service course

Get Trained Where You Are

In our FPG Service Certainty course, your Sales Professionals, Superintendents, Warranty, Designers, etc. will learn and master The 15 Best Practices of Service Certainty. Anyone who touches the customer will discover:

 How to keep customers happy after the contract is signed.

 How to bring peace to angry customers and homeowners.

 Simple, yet effective strategies to drive customer loyalty.

 & much more!

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When You Treat a Customer Like a Prospect, They Will Never Feel Like a Customer! - Jason Forrest

Weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions

Have Your Employees Ever Attended A Seminar, But Had Zero Results? That's Due To A Lack of Accountability.

In our Zoom Dojo Sessions, your team will practice what they’ve learned with our certified instructors to increase their effectiveness with your customers and homeowners.

"Having everyone who touches the customer in these training sessions is getting everyone on the same page." Scott Jagoe - Jagoe Homes

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Weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions
Weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions

Customers Reach Service Certainty When They Believe Their Builder is a Partner in Their Mission. - Avid Research

Jason Forrest

What If You Treated Every Customer Like A Prospect?

"As our clients' sales skyrocketed from Warrior Selling, so did their cancelations and buyer's remorse.  At the same time, I didn't agree with the philosophical customer service programs that were being taught in home building. They were too soft and impractical, so I created my own."  

P.S. Everything that is taught is backed by Avid Rating's Research

Jason Forrest

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Every Home Builder Wants to Create Loyal Customers, But They Lack The Simple Yet Effective Tools To Do So

When customer relationships go sour, it costs more than any builder can afford. And we’re not just talking about money. Even mildly unsatisfied buyers threaten future business, but the angriest buyers will actively work to tarnish a builder’s most valuable assets—their reputation and brand. - Avid Ratings

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Service Certainty Customer Service course

What You Will Learn

Through out this course you will not only learn but execute the following 14 best practices that create service certainty and increase customer loyalty.

Best Practice 1: Get Your Mind Right About Customer Service

 Focusing on your company culture is the first step to truly happy customers.

 When you change the way you look at customer service then customer service changes.

 Customers reach service certainty when they believe their builder is a partner in their mission - learn how to be that partner.

 & more...

Best Practice 2: Make Feedback Work for You

 Learn the 3 steps to making feedback work for you.

 How to correctly bring up the survey so it doesn't backfire on you.

 Shift from survey talk to survey awareness to get the most accurate scores.

 & more...

Best Practice 3: Create Certainty that Never Ends

 Learn 2 ways to Provide Never-Ending Service

 What the Guinness Book of World Record Holder for service tells us to do to have loyal customers.

 Treat customers like prospects and they'll never feel like "just" customers.

 & more...

Best Practice 4: Create Lollapalooza Moments

 Learn the 2 ways to keep your customers loyal to you after they sign the contract.

 Create every day "Christmas" surprise moments that keep the magic alive

 3 steps to advocating for your product.

 Prevent your customers from leaving you for another builder

 & more...

Best Practice 5: Build Customer Intimacy

 Learn the 3 ways to build customer intimacy

 Create the power of omakase - "I'll leave it to you" trust from your customers.

 Learn specific power phrases that create certainty and trust with your customers.

 & more...

Best Practice 6: Bust the Service Myths or the Myths Will Bust You

 The customer is always right.

 Customers know what they want.

 Customer will always tell you when they're unhappy.

 & more...

Best Practice 7: Lead Your Customer or They Will Leave You

 Learn the 2 Key Steps to Leading And Keeping Your Customers.

 Customers don't want to be their own sales professional, superintendent or design consultant - they want you to lead them.

 Learn the language needed to give direction that leads to certainty.

 & more...

Best Practice 8: Make Yourself Unleavable

 Master the 3 Steps to Making Yourself Unleavable.

 The importance of caring more about the customer than the contract.

 Focus on creating a home they love, not handcuffs that trap them.

 & more...

Best Practice 9: Close the Procrastination Gap

 Learn the 3 Steps to Strengthen Motivation.

 How to consistently rekindle the "why" in your customer's decision to purchase a home from you.

 Learn how to remove limiting beliefs that cause customers to procrastinate or slow down the construction process.

 & more...

Best Practice 10: Be an Advisor to Increase Customer Commitment

 Learn the 4 steps to becoming an advisor and not a vendor in for customer.

 The importance of challenging perspectives to create more loyalty.

 How to lead the compromise in such a way that prevents buyer's remorse.

 & more...

Best Practice 11: Practice Service Recovery

 The 8 game-changing steps to turn angry buyers into loyal fans.

 How to renew your customer's faith in the relationship.

 Learn how to acknowledge the customer's anger, even when it feels like the hardest thing in the world to do.

 & more...

Best Practice 12: Call in the SWAT Team

 Learn the 4 key steps to building and utilizing a swat team.

 How to identify potentially hostile customers in advance.

 Create an aggressive fix-it strategy to avoid getting burned.

 & more...

Best Practice 13: Define Culture From the Inside Out

 Learn the 3 Steps to Building a Culture of Service Certainty.

 How to lead your employees to create the best customer experience.

 Define the standards so everyone is operating off the same playbook.

 & more...

Best Practice 14: Do the Right Thing

 5 steps to set your company apart and do right by your customers.

 The importance of eliminating shortcuts, and what you should do instead.

 Learn that transparency is scary but it's the key to creating loyal customers.

 & more...

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Your Success Is Our Score Card


Your company's ability to profitably scale is equal to how many loyal customers you have.  

Let's get started today creating more loyal customers for you.


Would it be fair to say that your employees' stress would decrease and your profit margins would increase, if your customer loyalty increased?

A powerful new course created to teach your employees how to create loyal customers called - Service Certainty!

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