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The 4 Stages of Sales Coaching

You’ve been placed in the role of coaching people. You’re charged with making them more productive and more profitable members of your team. Ok, so now what? 
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Simple. You enroll in the Leadership Sales Coaching's 4 Stages of Sales Coaching course. It will guide you step-by-step in successfully unleashing the performance of every team member.

 Stage 1: Position of Strength.

 Stage 2: Gain Rapport.

 Stage 3: The 8 Objectives of Coaching.

 Stage 4: Follow Up.

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6 Lessons
90 Minutes of Training Videos
6 Hours of Zoom Dojo Sessions
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Sales Coaching programs

Execute What You Learn

Your employees want to grow, contribute more, and sell more. By mastering the 4 Stages of Sales Coaching, you will get them there.

At FPG, We designed this course to leverage the dramatic benefits of individual coaching, and it’s most effective when it’s executed within the framework of a system.

The 4 Stages of Sales Coaching will make you an invaluable leader to your employees, instilling them with confidence and the desire to thrive and succeed at every step. Sound like something that would benefit your team and organization? Then click on the following link to learn more.

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Google's Internal Employee Study Of Characteristics of Effective Leaders Ranked Coaching Skills As Number #1

Get Trained Where You Are

Take our 4 Stages of Sales Coaching course, and you’ll gain a position of strength with every employee as they gain individual strengths in sales and overall job performance. 

Learn how to coach the What, Why, How and Who of each person’s goals. How to gain rapport, what your sales professional needs to focus on, how to remove the leashes that are holding them back, how to have an effective follow-up accountability session, and much more!

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Sales Coaching course

The 4 Stages of Coaching program will help you create a team of Sales Warriors capable of delivering consistently incredible performances!


Think you’ve got what it takes to survive FPG bootcamp? We do.

Our certified trainers will take you on a journey of professional growth and discovery. You’ll be pushed and tested, but the results will be worth it as you experience measurable improvements in both yourself and those around you.


Putting our proven 4 Stages of Sales Coaching process to use, you’ll learn how to take any employee in any circumstance and transform them into a profit-driving sales machine.


Learn and live by The 4 Pillars of Sales Leadership to bring your influence to bear on every facet of your company. Your ability to make a bigger impact will be almost immediate.


When you experience the rigors of an FPG boot camp combined with the long term benefits of our Zoom Dojo Follow Up Sessions, you’ll emerge a new and improved version of the old you.

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Bootcamp Seminar Day 1

A Sales Professional is an athlete and must be coached like an athlete, not managed like an employee. We will show you how. 

Session 1 - The Unleashing Process

 Want to install new behaviors in your people? Learn the game-changing process that defines great leadership.

Session 2 - Your Compelling Vision

 Envision your future success, and understand exactly what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it.

Session 3 - The 4 Pillars Of Sales Leadership

 Grasp exactly how to measure your impact with this simple, effective process to positively influence your people.

Session 4 - What Is Your Why?

 Coaches who effectively change the game for their employees recognize the emotional reasons behind why their people want to change.

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Bootcamp Day 2

This day is all about rolling up our sleeves and practicing the sales coaching process.  Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can't get it wrong.

Session 1 - Position Of Strength

 Want to learn how to gain that ever-important position of strength?  We’ll demonstrate how to begin every coaching session with this vital step.

Session 2 - Gain Rapport

 Getting on the same page as your people is imperative. Learn how to leverage every tool at your disposal to diagnose an issue and build rapport with your team.

Session 3 - The 8 Objectives Of Coaching

 Master the steps that give great coaching its process-driven backbone. Drive change from the initial conversation all the way to the celebration.

Session 4 - Follow Up

 Providing your people clear direction is vital. But understanding how to create accountability in the follow-up is the true driver for change.

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Coach your sales team to consistent wins: Enroll Now in The 4 Stages of Coaching.

What You Will Learn:

The best way to coach each individual through The 4 Stages is by using our four-step goal addiction process. It puts you in a position of strength with every employee almost immediately.

1- What do you want to accomplish? 2- Why is it important to you? 3- How are you going to achieve it? 4- Whose coaching do you need?

By carefully adhering to these 4 steps as you navigate The 4 Stages, you’ll successfully guide your employees to accomplish great things.

Stage 1: The 4 Steps to Gaining a Position of Strength with Every Employee

 The What – what is their goal?

 The Why – coaching what they need to sacrifice or level up to achieve their goal.

 The How – what they must do to achieve their goals, in 4 parts: Strategy / Process / Pattern / Act, Measure, Adjust.

 The Who – who will help them achieve their goals?

 As the coach, you are the key to unlocking your employee’s performance to achieve their goal.

 & more...

Stage 2: Gain Rapport

 How to be in a “downstream relationship” with your team.

 The one thing your employees need to change in order to solve most problems.

 The two primary tools to understand what your Sales Warrior needs coaching on.

 How to create lasting change through changing their beliefs about selling.

 What you must address behind a person’s behavior.

 What science tells us that influences behavior.

 & more...

Stage 3: The 8 Objectives of Coaching

 The one thing that dramatically improves employees reaching their goals.

 The 8 steps that let you add knowledge and remove self-imposed leashes from your people.

 What you must focus on to create success, time after time.

 How to drive your people to do things they didn’t think were possible, over and over.

 & more...

Stage 4: The Follow Up

 Why accountability is doing something "for them" and not "to them".

 The 3 reasons your people won’t follow through with your coaching.

 The secret to a successful follow up.

 What kills productivity over the long-term.

 The negative impacts of not following up.

 & more...

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"Sales performance increases by 66% through consistent boots-on-the-ground coaching." -Sales Executive Council.

What would it mean for your company, your career, and your sales people's lives to increase performance by 66%? Sign up now!
Jason Sales Coaching leader

How would Nick Saban, Bill Belichick, and Pete Carroll lead a sales team?

"I believe Sales Warriors are athletes and must be coached like athletes and not managed like employees." Jason Forrest

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Your Sales Success Is Our Score Card



A Successful Team Begins with a Successful Coach. Up your game with The 4 Stages of Sales Coaching

"I've spent my entire career creating the simplest, yet most powerful sales coaching model in existence. Start now and become the Sales Coach you were destined to be." - Jason Forrest

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