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Influencing Emotions 

The way we speak to both ourselves and others has an impact on behavior. When you learn how to expand your emotional vocabulary, you’ll learn how to speak in ways that drive behavior and level up your coaching process at the same time.

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Emotion has a serious influence on people. Their perception, attention, learning, memory, reasoning, and problem-solving can all be affected by emotion. As a sales team leader or business owner, you have the opportunity to make a major impact on people simply through your vocabulary and the words, phrases, and language you use.

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Influencing Emotion sales leader Training

Execute What You Learn

Our emotions hold incredible power over our behaviors. That’s why the quality of our life is equal to our emotional vocabulary.

When you learn how to listen and speak in a more productive way, amazing things happen. You’ll be able to avoid having the same coaching conversations over and over. You’ll pick up on the emotions of your team. You’ll speak in a new way that drives more positive and productive behavior. And you’ll be a much more effective coach and leader.

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Do you realize how much your emotion influences your actions and behavior?
That’s why it’s so important to get in tune with it and change it through vocabulary.

Get Trained Where You Are

Our Influencing Emotion program will teach you how to expand your emotional vocabulary, as well as give you the ability to pick up on the emotions of others.

You’ll quickly learn to speak in ways that help change and influence behaviors in your team and organization.

Perhaps most importantly, Influencing Emotion will make you a more effective leader and sales coach. By impacting the emotions of your Sales Warriors or others in your company, you’ll be able to provide them a positive boost for just about any situation. They’ll be consistently happier, more confident, and more successful.

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Influencing Emotion sales leader Training

Wouldn’t it be great to no longer have to have the same old coaching conversation over and over again? When you expand your emotional vocabulary and learn how to hear and speak in a more productive way, you’ll get it right the first time, every time!

What You Will Learn

What if in 5 fast weeks you could:

1) Understand what's driving your Sales Professional's behaviors

2) Learn a process to quickly change their behavior

3) Create a speaking style that inspires your sales team to take massive action

4) How would that benefit you as a leader and your sales team as individuals

Ask the Emotion

 How to get on the same emotional page as your people.

 How to change emotions around the circumstance.

 The steps to successfully “ask for the emotion.”

 The ability to expand the emotional vocabulary of your employees.

 How building “emotional granularity” effects your ability as a leader.

 The fastest way to change behavior.

 & more...

Speak the Emotion

 How to speak in ways that cause people to feel something and then do something. 

 Creating language that moves others toward your goals.

 What expression is really all about.

 Transformational vocabulary and how to use it in coaching.

 The 10 words the best leaders always avoid.

 & more...

Coach the Emotion

 Understanding the steps to changing behaviors.

 The step-by-step process of coaching the emotion.

 The way you label feelings and how it determines behavior.

 How to coach the emotion to change behavior and change results.

 & more...

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Learn the secret of hearing and speaking in more productive ways with our Influencing Emotion training.

Jason Forrest sales leader

I needed to make a bigger impact.

"I was coaching people towards a greater change and it was working, but not well enough. Something was missing, I wasn't changing how they felt about the advice I gave them. And because they didn't feel confident about executing, they procrastinated on getting what they wanted!! This course will teach you how I solved that problem!"  Jason Forrest

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Discover the incredible impact emotional vocabulary will have on your leadership abilities.

Understand the power demonstrating the right emotions can have over the behavior of your people.

Book now, and let’s make sales together!

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Learn how to speak in ways that will change behaviors and make you a much more
effective coach.

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What would happen to your sales team's results if they started doing everything you coached them on?

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