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The 7 Critical Conversations Every Leader Must Master 

When you’re a leader of a company or organization, there are a number of conversations that you’ll have with your employees overtime.
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Many will be pleasant. Some will be very serious. And some will be very difficult. This Leadership Sales Coaching course is going to provide you with the structure and language to be ready for the 7 Critical Conversations Every Leader Must Master.

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Critical Conversations Every Leader Must Master

Execute What You Learn

Every single leader in the world - from business to government to education and more – will, at some point, have these 7 conversations and deal with these 7 situations.

It is crucial to understand exactly how to approach them and handle them with kindness and grace. Knowing you will not be able to avoid them, you must know how to set expectations for yourself and others, so that you will make the most of these important conversations when the time inevitably comes. 

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Crucial conversations with your employees will be much easier and more beneficial if you know exactly what to say and how to say it at the right time.

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Just about every leader enjoys having a pleasant conversation with an employee. But few look forward to broaching a difficult subject that’s certain to make one or both parties uncomfortable.

With our 7 Conversations course, you will be ready to effectively hold just about any discussion, and direct it to a positive outcome. You’ll learn what to say, what not to say, how to maintain control through it all, and much more!

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Critical Conversations Every Leader Must Master
The 7 Critical Conversations Every Leader Must Master Course will prepare you to have a successful discussion on virtually any subject that might arise with an employee.

What You Will Learn

How to have the 7 critical conversations that are not taught by any MBA program or Leadership Philosophers.  You only learn these through the school of experience. Let us help you avoid those costly lessons!

Number One: The Hiring Conversation

 What brings new employees up to speed 50% faster.

 The 2 major mistakes employers make during the hiring conversation.

 How I leverage something I call the Ownership Pyramid with every new hire.

 & more...

Number 2: The Tough Conversation

 The one thing that will immediately stop your growth, both as a leader and a company.

 The helpful quote I always keep in mind when dealing with tough conversations.

 The 5 steps to having a tough conversation that will change behavior

 & more...

Number 3: The Trust Conversation

 What happens when you’re doing everything possible to maintain respect yet there’s still a disconnect.

 The 3 steps you must take to having a conversation about trust.

 & more...

Number 4: The Probation Conversation

 The most important thing to remember about this conversation.

 The 4 steps you must take when holding a probation conversation.

 How you must speak while discussing probation.

 What you must show the person you’re having this conversation with.

 & more...

Number 5: The Termination Conversation

 How to keep this conversation from being negative or difficult.

 The 3 steps to successfully have a termination conversation.

 What a termination conversation needs to always come down to.

 & more...

Number 6: The Raise Conversation

 Why you think this is the most rewarding conversation, but it’s not.

 What the hardest part of your job really is.

 What I discovered that will help you understand and be better prepared for the raise conversation.

 How to structure raises.

 What higher pay should always mean.

 & more...

Number 7: The Promotion Conversation

 The most important thing you can do when discussing a promotion.

 How to create a roadmap for people with milestones.

 The pitfall that often happens when you promote someone.

 The top 5 worst reasons to promote someone.

 How to structure and award promotions.

 & more...

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Hold every conversation you need to have with confidence: Enroll Now in The 7 Critical Conversations Every Leader Must Master.
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This course answers my most requested leadership questions.

"Mary, what do I say to: write someone up, set proper expectations, put someone on probation, give someone a promotion, terminate someone, give someone a raise? I wanted to create this course to train the real stuff!"  Mary Marshall Forrest

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Your team members are going to want to have all types of conversations with you. Be ready and always have these discussions go your way by taking our 7 Critical Conversations training. 

There’s so much more to having a quality conversation with an employee than just talking.

Learn the ins and outs of all the most important types of business conversations by taking this course.

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Mastering the art of holding conversations in key business situations is vital for a leader. Learn the dos and don’ts every type of conversation by committing to take this course now.  

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