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A Profitable Sales Team Starts with the Right Structure

Fundamental Tools to Build & Maintain a High-Performing Team

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Successful leaders set the right structure so their teams thrive in any situation.

Become a better communicator.

Master the practice of using your time more effectively.

Inspire faster growth within your team.

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Managing is forcing team members to do something.
Leading is influencing team members to do what's right.

Are you leading your sales team or simply managing them? This can mean the difference in theirs and your own success.

When you're LEADING people, they'll perform at their highest level whether you're with them or not. 

 Set a Vision

 Focus Your Team’s Energy

 Build Trust

 Get Sellers Moving

Great leadership comes from establishing the right structure.

And creating an environment where people WANT to do their best for you.

Does your team have the right structure? Ask yourself these key questions: 

 Are sellers late to your meetings?

 Do they reschedule time with you?

 Is the weekly sales meeting seen as critical to their job?

 Are your team's priorities clear and consistent?

When you're using a proven structure to lead your team, they'll always perform at their very best. Whether you're present or not.

FPG's 5 Core Disciplines of Leadership course is designed to ensure every minute you spend with each team member is productive and delivers value.


The 5 Core Disciplines of leadership sales coaching


How to set your team up for success every single day


Improved performance and communication within your team

"It's really helped the relationships because it's allowed us to be clear in some areas where we weren't before, and we're able to stay ahead of the issue and make sure we're growing."

Chris Jamieson, Owner - Lawn Connections

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The 5 Core Disciplines Leaders Will Learn

 1. Onboarding
  • Set expectations with sellers so they know precisely how to succeed in the first 90 days.
  • Teach the different aspects of your brand.
  • Explain the products and services you offer, as well as your competition.
  • Defend your pricing mode.
  • Probe for individual sales knowledge and ability.
2. Managing the Contract
  • Set up accountability checks so you don't have to guess if your sellers are following your process or not.
  • Determine winning activities for each team member to hit their sales goals.
  • Have winning conversations and make adjustments to improve sales results.
  • Know the key coaching secrets to remove personal doubt and fine-tune individual performance.
3. Weekly Sales Meetings 
  • The structure for a successful weekly sales meeting and how to optimize its agenda to strengthen your team continually.
  • The 5 things you must cover every week.
  • How to program your team to have a growth mindset.
  • The secret for keeping your team great while improving areas where they're not.
  • The most important outcome for after the meeting wraps-up.
4. Daily Huddles 
  • Daily huddles that set your team up for success each day.
  • Instill the ability to think and problem-solve as you do.
  • NFL coaching great, Pete Carroll's philosophy on daily consistencies.
  • Avoid being blindsided by easily avoidable issues and situations.
  • Five questions every salesperson must answer daily.
  • The amazing thing I gained from holding daily huddles.
5. One-on-Ones
  • Establish the proper structure and space for productive coaching sessions.
  • Two key things that create lasting behavior change.
  • Be a great coach to all, not just a few.
  • Set practical expectations when meeting one-on-one.
  • Identify what is important, not just what's urgent.
  • The right prompts to get people to ask you the right questions.
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How Our Program Works

We don't believe real change can come from a two-day event where teams leave excited and full of energy, but within weeks, they revert to all their old habits.

Instead, real change comes from consistent work over time with the opportunity to practice new skills and make corrections through peer and coach feedback.


The course begins with a one-day boot camp and training videos to teach the structure of a winning sales team.


Next, participants will work through a series of 7 lessons to practice what they've learned.


In weekly coaching sessions spread over 7 weeks, participants will discuss with their peers and coach what worked and what they can improve. 

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You Can Make a Bigger Impact

FPG has been disrupting the sales training industry since 2008 by creating training programs that actually deliver real-world results.

We understand that two-day training programs have little impact because it takes time to learn, practice, and perfect new skills.

Our series of training programs are designed to work together to provide the comprehensive knowledge leaders and organizations need to take their business to the next level.

"I created this course because I wanted to serve today's Sales Leader by showing them how to take their life back. With the circumstances constantly changing, their company's sales targets always adjusting, Sales Leaders need a structure that can give them certainty in the chaos. They need a series of easy to follow disciplines that show them how to win – no matter the situation!"

- Mary Marshall Forrest, President, FPG

Are You Ready to Learn the Winning Structure?

It's easy to get started with FPG:

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We'll discuss where you are currently and where you want to be.

Step 2 – How We Can Help

Next, we'll review our various training programs designed to take leaders to the next level.

Step 3 – Training Begins

Coaching and leadership development begins.

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Customer Reviews

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At FPG Sales Training, we know that you want to be the leader of a high-performing sales team.

In order to do that, you need the very best training for your salespeople and sales leadership.  The problem is most sales training is philosophical and not tactical, killing your salespeople's morale while you're annoyed that you wasted your limited time and budget on another "shot-in-arm" training event. Forrest Performance Group was founded in 2008 to solve the problem that 164 billion is spent on training every year, yet 70% fails to achieve an ROI. We understand how frustrating it is to have no one buy a great product or service that improves people's lives because the sales experience falls short. 

This is why we created the world's only real-world, tactical, program-based, leash-free sales and sales leadership training programsHere's how we do it:

1. Tell Us About Your Sales Forecast and Your Top Sales Challenges, 2. Let Us Create Your Custom Sales Process and Script, 3. We Train Your Sales Team, And You Watch Your Sales Increase.

Book a Meeting Now to speak to us. So, you can stop feeling the frustration or even disappointment of having to lower your sales forecast and instead start taking the market share that you deserve.

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