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The 5 Core Disciplines of Leadership Sales Coaching

Answer this question: Are you truly leading your team, or simply managing them? Understanding the difference is vital for both the success of your company, and your status as its leader.
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The 5 Core Disciplines of Leadership Sales Coaching will provide you with the tools to build and maintain a high-performance team that will thrive through any situation or circumstance. Master the practice of using your time more effectively, become a better communicator, and inspire faster growth within your team.  

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7 Lessons
90 Mins of Training Videos
7 Hours of Zoom Dojo Sessions
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 Leadership Sales Coaching

Execute What You Learn

When you’re leading your team the right way, they’ll always perform at their very best - whether you’re present or not.

This course is designed to make sure every minute you spend with each team member is productive and worthwhile. At its completion, you’ll have mastered using your time to maximum effectiveness, experiencing better team communication and faster growth.

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Great leadership happens when you establish the right structure to excel. This invaluable course focuses on creating an environment where your people WANT to do their best for you at all times.

 Leadership Sales Coaching

Get Trained Where You Are

Take our 5 Core Disciplines of Leadership Sales Coaching course, and you’ll transform yourself into a Warrior Chief at the helm of a mighty Sales Warrior Clan. You’ll master the 5 core disciplines to assemble and create the highest performing sales team imaginable. You will master:

 How to on-board Sales Warriors, set expectations, and establish accountability checks.

 How to hold a successful weekly sales meeting.

 How to hold a daily huddle.

 How to create the right structure and space for productive coaching sessions.

 & a lot more...

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To excel in leadership, you must understand the best practices and structure of leading your team. It’s one of the 4 pillars of Sales Management, and the one this course will focus on.

Weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions

Have You Ever Watched A Video Lesson, But Had Zero Results? That's Due To A Lack of Accountability.

In our Zoom Dojo Sessions, you will practice what you've learned with our certified instructors to increase your effectiveness as the Sales Leader you were meant to be. "The hour after the training session is our highest conversion rate hour of the week." Armando - Komatsu

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Weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions
Weekly Zoom Dojo Sessions

Your Company’s Success or Failure is in Your Hands. Tip the Scale in Your Favor by taking The 5 Core Disciplines of Leadership Sales Coaching.

Sales Leaders

Sales Leaders Are Spread Too Thin!

"I created this course because I wanted to serve today's Sales Leader by showing them how to take their life back.  With the circumstances constantly changing, their company's sales targets always adjusting, Sales Leaders need a structure that can give them certainty in the chaos.  They need a series of easy to follow disciplines that show them how to win - no matter the situation!" - Mary Marshall Forrest

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The Sales Experience is 25% of the Prospect's Decision - Forbes

That's why it is crucial that a Sales Leader is devoted to creating a unique and unrivaled sales experience for their clients. And this is done through mastering The 5 Disciplines of Sales Leadership.

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Sales Experience

What You Will Learn

Onboarding Warriors

 How to set expectations with your sales warriors so they’ll know how to succeed in 7, 30, 60, and 90 days.

 The importance of teaching the different aspects of your brand.

 How to explain the products and services you offer, as well as your competition.

 How to explain your pricing model.

 Probing for individual sales knowledge and ability.

 & more...

Managing the Contract, Not the Warrior

 How to establish and manage a contract with your Sales Warriors, and holding accountability.

 Determining winning activities for each team member to hit their sales goals.

 How to have winning conversations and make adjustments to improve sales results.

 My key coaching secrets to remove personal doubt and fine-tune Individual performance

 & more...

The Warrior Sales Meeting

 The structure for a successful weekly sales meeting, and how to optimize its agenda to continually strengthen your team.

 The 5 things you must cover in every weekly sales meeting.

 How to program your team to have a growth mindset.

 My secret for keeping your team great while improving areas where they’re not.

 The most important outcome for after the meeting wraps up.

 & more...

The Warrior Huddle

 How to have daily huddles that set your team up for success each day.

 How to instill the ability to think and problem solve like you do.

 The philosophy of NFL coaching great, Pete Carroll on daily consistencies.

 How to avoid being blindsided by easily avoidable issues and situations.

 The 5 questions every Sales Warrior must answer daily.

 The amazing thing I gained from holding my daily huddles.

 & more...

The Warrior One-on-One

 How to establish the right structure and space for productive coaching sessions.

 The 2 key things that create lasting behavior change.

 Being a great coach to all, not just a few.

 How to set effective expectations when meeting one-on-one.

 Identifying what is important, not just what’s urgent.

 The right prompts to get people to ask you the right questions.

 & more...

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Your Sales Success Is Our Score Card



You're probably going to disagree with I have to say next... 

If you don't start running your sales team with The 5 Core Disciplines, you will either A) Lose your sales team to your competition or B) Lose market share because you're not maximizing your sales opportunities.  If you think we might be on to something, then contact us today!

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