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Are your salespeople…

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PU 5. Struggling to act on coaching?.png
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Then you need Prospecting Unleashed.

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 Launch your salespeople to the next level with your next workshop

Remove Reluctances300x.png

Remove reluctances

  • Learn the key reluctances that keep salespeople from proactively prospecting every day.

  • Identify the specific reluctances keeping your employees from succeeding so you can remove them.

Assess your People300x.png

Assess your people

  • An in-depth sales assessment shows your people their strengths, areas for improvement, and goal motivation levels.

  • Build your sales teams on the bedrock of where they really are, not perception.

Leverage Science of Sales300x.png

Leverage the science of sales

  • Using proven psychological science, gain a clear picture of how your salespeople think and act on a daily basis.

  • Leverage the science of sales within your company to drive true behavioral change that lasts for a lifetime.

Motivation That Lasts300x.png

Motivation that lasts

  • Grow salespeople who want to initiate conversations by learning how to build up their internal, self-driven motivation.

  • Learn how and why your individual salespeople are motivated, so you can leverage their strengths for more sales.

Turn Around Underperformers300x.png

Turn around underperformers

  • Turnover is costly, both in time and resources. Develop the ability to turn underperformers into overperformers.

  • Develop a proven system for identifying and turning around any employee in any circumstance.

Complement what you Currently do300x.png

Complement what you currently do

  • Whether you currently have internal, external, or no sales training, gain the strategies to drive more sales.

  • Build belief and ability in your people no matter their circumstances.

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I have been coaching in the field with what I learned at FPG, and I truly think it makes a huge difference.

Stefanie Hall, Sales Coach, Richmond American Homes

I want to give credit to the FPG training. It’s giving me a process and a direction to aim for the close.

Marie Schyberg, Sales Professional, Epcon Communities

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The Workshop

Your profit growth is dependent on the buy-in of your team. Our exciting, up-tempo seminars give your salespeople the emotional fuel they need to dive headfirst into their own behavioral change. With our unique blend of tactics and emotional electricity, we focus on mastery so your people can start selling more right away.

PU Assessment300x.png

The Assessment

Your people will receive personalized assessments giving them a blueprint for their future success as sales warriors. They’ll be able to pinpoint the exact reluctances keeping them from prospecting more and closing more sales. Using this as a baseline for future growth allows your salespeople and coaches to be on the same page from day one.



DAY 1:

SESSION 1: Self-Promotion: Not Just for Salespeople
Self-promotion is the missing link in modern career management. Learn the importance and take the first steps in promoting yourself.

SESSION 2: The “Indisputable” Secrets of Success
Learn the what is holding you back from moving toward your goals and the secrets to removing your reluctances.

SESSION 3: Confronting Call Reluctance
Gain expert knowledge around each reluctance type, what they mean, and and the effects they can have on your results.

SESSION 4: The Faces of Sales Call Reluctance
Understand the various form your reluctances can take when it comes to

SESSION 5: Review of Your SPQ* GOLD/FSA Results
Dive into your results to create understanding around your reluctances.

DAY 2:

SESSION 1: Overview of Self-Training Strategies
Understand the tactics for overcoming any sales call reluctance.

SESSION 2: How to Apply Word-based Countermeasures
Take a deeper dive into using a word-based strategy for over coming your reluctances. Correct the pattern and replace with a habit that will serve you and your sales career.

SESSION 3: How to Apply Mechanical Countermeasures
Take a deeper dive into using a word-based strategy for over coming your reluctances. Understand that your habits become strengthen by repetition and association with a correct belief.

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Doomsayer: Worries, will not take social risks

Role Rejection: Ashamed of sales career

Hyper-Pro: Obsessed with image

Over-Preparation: Over-analyzes, under-acts

Separationist: Fears loss of friends

Yielder: Fear of intruding on others

Tele-phobia: Fears using the telephone for prospecting

Oppositional Reflex: Rebuffs attempts to be coached

Stage Fright: Fears group presentations

Emotionally Unemancipated: Fears loss of family approval

Referral Aversion: Fears disturbing existing business or client relationships

Social Self-Consciousness: Intimidated by up-market clientele

Online Prospecting Discomfort: Discomfort in using the internet and social media to gain prospects

Complex Sales: Fear of losing a sale due to many moving parts

Sales Extensions: Fear of up-selling and cross-selling

Arranging Payment: Intimidated by going over the numbers with a prospect

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 Interested in Prospecting Unleashed?

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