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It is Not Socially Acceptable to Buy a House Right Now, So The Only Way to Sell More Is to Create Emotional Urgency or Lower Your Price.


What would happen to your revenue if your sales experience was equal to your floor plans and community's excellence?

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Investing in Sales Training That Doesn't Work Cost Your Company Time, Money, and Morale

Most home builders are experts at construction, architecture, land, and finance.

They are not experts at creating sales processes and language to convince future homebuyers to buy from them today over older homes, stay in their current home, or buy from another builder.

At FPG Sales Training, we create training programs based on your current sales-stopping problems to give you an advantage over your competition.

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11 Ways We Are Different Than Other New Home Sales Training Companies:

1. Homebuilder relevant since 2008 vs. a generic solution that does not easily translate,

2. In 42 industries, including the US Army, giving us new paradigms to bring back to Homebuilding to give them an advantage vs. only teaching in Homebuilding, which means the same content is being taught to your competition,

3. Custom sales scripts created just for your company vs. a one size fits all solution that will be resisted,

4. Tactical "How" based training vs. just a motivational pump-up session that doesn't teach them how to sell differently (these trainers don't believe in disciplined scripts, but instead everyone finds their own way-not scalable),

5. Weekly Zoom Dojo Accountability Sessions vs. just a seminar that only educates but doesn't change behavior,

6. Content created by a sales practitioner (that sold homes in a tough market) vs. content created by a sales philosopher,

7. Monthly New Hire Onboarding to get your new employees on the same page fast vs. an initial kickoff that leaves future new hires behind.

8. Custom content is created every quarter based on company challenges vs. generic content that has been recycled over the last 20 years.

9. Removal of leashes (stories, self-image, reluctance, and rules) vs. ignoring the real reason people don't execute.

10. Pre-Assessment work to create a baseline vs. training with no measurement in place.

11. Sales Leadership training (which is the most important factor) vs. just training the salespeople.

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We Get You 

 We know what it feels like to have inventory sitting on the ground with your construction loans expiring,

 We know how how unprofitable it is to offer incentives to hit your sales goals,

 We know how disappointing it is to see your competition pull more permits than you.

We Got You 

 We have successfully trained 1000s of salespeople and sales management in New Home Sales as well as 42 B2B and B2C industries as well as the US Army Recruiters,

 Our Warrior Selling Process is ranked the #2 Sales Training Program in the world, and Leadership Sales Coaching is ranked the #1 Sales Leadership Training Program in the world by Global Gurus  (FPG is the only New Home Sales Training Company on the Worlds Top 30 List),

 Since 2008 helping Home Builders hit their sales targets.

3 Ways That We Can Help You Sell More:


Hire FPG to Take Your Team Through Our Warrior Selling 90-Day Course


Hire FPG to Train Your Team On The 6 Strategies To Sell Through a Down Market Over 8 Weeks,


Purchase our New Warrior Selling Book for Everyone on Your Sales Team.

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"I am part of three builder groups, and none of them invest in sales training. I know that we can continue to say that these efforts that we've put out every week for years will lead to something that makes us unique."

Brock Frankhauser, Owner of New Style Homes

"When the housing market changed, some builders were worried about sales, but because we've been working with FPG, we knew this is an opportunity to gain market share. Our teams have trained for seasons like this, and because of FPG, we are prepared and excited about this current selling season."

Nanette M. Pfister, Vice President of Sales- Epcon Communities

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At FPG Sales Training, we know that you want to be the leader of a high-performing sales team.

In order to do that, you need the very best training for your salespeople and sales leadership.  The problem is most sales training is philosophical and not tactical, killing your salespeople's morale while you're annoyed that you wasted your limited time and budget on another "shot-in-arm" training event. Forrest Performance Group was founded in 2008 to solve the problem that 164 billion is spent on training every year, yet 70% fails to achieve an ROI. We understand how frustrating it is to have no one buy a great product or service that improves people's lives because the sales experience falls short. 

This is why we created the world's only real-world, tactical, program-based, leash-free sales and sales leadership training programsHere's how we do it:

1. Tell Us About Your Sales Forecast and Your Top Sales Challenges, 2. Let Us Create Your Custom Sales Process and Script, 3. We Train Your Sales Team, And You Watch Your Sales Increase.

So, Book a Meeting Now to speak to us. And in the meantime, listen to our free audiobook, WTF: Why Training Fails. So, you can stop feeling the frustration or even disappointment of having to lower your sales forecast and instead start taking the market share that you deserve.

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To speak to one of our Sales Warriors. If you are impressed with our Sales Experience, then that's perfect because they have been recruited and trained by us!

Forrest Performance Group

We'll Find, Attract, and Train Your Next Salesperson Like They Are Our Own.

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