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Align your team
Get proactive.
Magnify your profit.

Have you ever felt…

My team isn’t in alignment with my vision.
We struggle to exceed our sales goals.
Our communication isn’t effective enough.
My team isn’t connected with the company’s mission.
I have a hard time getting buy-in.
My team doesn’t collaborate well.

then Leadership Sales Coaching is for you.

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The Leadership Sales Coaching Difference

Adopt the world’s most effective coaching model.

Adopt the World’s Most Effective Coaching Model

  • The Four Stages of Sales Coaching is your profit-driving pipeline to change behavior and improve results.

  • Master the science of an effective coaching session to boost your sales and your company culture.

Master the sales meeting.

Master the Sales Meeting

  • Turn bloated sales meetings into lean, effective tools that drive motivation, certainty, and team-building.

  • Adopt the proven minute-by-minute steps to turn your sales meetings from a have-to into a want-to.

Hire Sales Warriors

Hire Sales Warriors

  • Gain the profit-driving and time-saving science behind hiring sales warriors who start producing results from the minute they start.

  • Know what to look for in interviews and how to conduct them so you can hire for effect every single time.

Create team captains.

Create Team Captains

  • Incorporate our four-part team captain program, The Way of the Team Captain, into your team to create effective peer leaders.

  • Develop team captains who advocate for your mission, increase intra-team loyalty, and sell more effectively.

Raise the standard.

Raise the Standard

  • Learn the steps to create warrior team standards that raise the bar and drive accountability that produces results.

  • Adapt the process to your own company to create shared understanding and expectations that never drop.

Boost your culture.

Boost Your Culture

  • Give your coaches the beliefs they need to create environments that both attracts and retains the highest producers.

  • Set your company up for long-term success by developing unleavable team cultures driven by unleashed coaches.

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01 Sales


Learn a proven sales process to drive speed and profitability.

Earn immediate buy-in from your salespeople by knowing the sales playbook.

Win more sales by leading your people to master the process.

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02 Leadership


Create peer led accountability your people will take ownership of.

Develop an unleavable culture focused on improving people.

Inspire your people to hold a winning standard of performance.

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03 Coaching


Turn adverse employees into advocates for your company.

Execute a proven coaching to transform any employee into a sales warrior.

Convert sales slumps into sales successes.

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04 Business


Grow your future leadership base with business-focused coaches.

Position your long-term growth with coaches who understand your business.

Increase your results with more tactically knowledgeable coaches.

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The coaching along the way makes all the difference.

"Profits went up to 78 million which was the most profitable year on record. I looked at the content and said 'This is who we are, and if it's not who we are, this is who we want to be.'"

Gary Van Elslander, President,
Art Van Furniture

“It’s process-driven. It’s results-oriented. It’s genuine. It resonates. It’s real. Everyone in the audience was a believer.”

Mike McGaugh, COO,
Building Materials Holding Corporation

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Your profit growth is dependent on the buy-in of your coaches. Our exciting, up-tempo seminars give your people the emotional fuel they need to dive headfirst into their training experience. With our unique blend of tactics and emotional electricity, we focus on mastery so you can be the hero with your employees.



True, lasting behavior change doesn’t happen without ongoing learning. Your engaging weekly video lessons with FPG CEO Jason Forrest take your coaches through a deeper dive of the seminars that include weekly application with real-world employees. Everything is engineered for your unique business realities.

Video application calls.

Video Application Calls

The most effective learning isn’t just done in a classroom. It’s created through learning, growing, and using what you’ve learned in the field with your actual clients. Your coaches review, roleplay, and receive tactical coaching from certified trainers that helps them move their people forward.

Interested in Leadership Sales Coaching?

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