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 Join A Company That Believes In You


 When you intern at FPG you’ll love…

Learn something new every day


Life needs variety, right? The easiest way to build your experience base is by doing a lot of different things in an exciting, fast-paced work environment. 

At FPG We Offer:

  • An exciting atmosphere with tons of variety

  • An opportunity to get in on the ground level of one of the nation’s fastest growing private companies

Hands on experience isn't just part of what you'll do. It's all of it.

Our fun workplace culture


We won’t take up this entire page talking about our best places to work awards (because we wouldn’t be able to fit anything else on the page). 

We Believe In:

  • Making meaningful work that changes peoples’ lives.

  • Having a lot of fun while we do it.

  • Boring workplaces produce boring work.

That’s why we have the most fun of anyone around.

Getting real world work experience


Some companies set up intern programs and only give you menial busywork. Not at FPG. 

You Won't:  

  • Be doing mindless work at FPG.

You Will:

  • Be treated like everyone else

  • Contribute to a machine that's on the leading edge of training

We believe in doing meaningful work, and we believe our interns should join us in that mission. 

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 What Our Interns Have To Say About FPG

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When you graduate the #1 question that is asked is “What are you going to do post-grad?” I had some version of the question asked more times than I can count. While most people dread the prying of family members and professors having the opportunity to answer this question became one of my favorite parts of graduation. My time as an intern at FPG was filled with hands on learning experiences that cannot be found in a classroom. FPG’s culture and purpose is unlike anything else that I have ever experienced. It is rare to find a work place where everyone from the president to the newest intern is fully invested in the success of each other and the success of the company. As I began to think about my plans after graduation I found it hard to picture myself anywhere else. I realized that I was not done growing here and that FPG and I still had so much to offer each other. I am so thankful this company and the people that work here.

(from intern to full-time Sales Integrator)


For most people, their sanctuary and place of peace is away from work or school, but I ended up finding my sanctuary at Forrest Performance Group. Each time I walked into the office it was like I could breathe and truly be myself. I was encouraged to grow and improve myself every day, both personally and professionally, and FPG became the place where I found who I wanted to be. I was working with people who I wanted to be like, who motivated me to change the things I didn’t like about myself and adopt the qualities I wanted to have. The FPG team helped me rediscover my confidence by providing me with an internship that challenged me, and pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  

(from intern to full-time Publicist)


We’re always hiring interns for the following categories:

Sales: gain experience calling real live prospects, help maintain the sales funnel, and contribute to moving actual sales forward.
Client Experience: provide materials and support for FPG clients, contribute to logistical needs like shipping and packaging, and learn how to create an environment of excellence.
Administrative: Learn the inner workings of in-house operations, office management, and human resources.
Copywriter: gain experience writing catchy marketing copy, contribute to creating FPG’s award-winning programs, and learn how to influence others with your words.
Help design marketing materials, improve FPG’s online presence, and help curate the company’s social media networks.
Other: Here’s the final deal. Don’t see yourself in any of the other roles? Don’t worry. We still have a place for you. Let us know your strengths and we’ll find you a role that makes the best use of them.

Want to join the tribe?

Send an email to with your resume and anything else we should know about you.


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