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What is the Executive Playbook?

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Our Executive Playbook course with assessment provides a clear picture of how you are influencing and impacting your employees in 5 key factors:

 Efficacy: Create cause and effect thinking that drives engagement.

 Goals: Show employees how to think strategically to reach KPIs.

 Approach: Coach beliefs that drive behaviors that stick.

 Relationships: Increase performance through co-creation.

 Altruism: Connect purpose to stop the great resignation.

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2 Day Seminar
16 Lessons
240 Minutes of Training Videos
16 Hours of Zoom Dojo Sessions
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Companies Spend a Huge Amount on Succession, Expansion Planning, and Leadership Development With Little Results

1. Companies around the world spend $370 billion per year on leadership development. Source

2. Yet, five out of six HR managers are dissatisfied with the results of their leadership development programs. Source

3. 74% of public and 52% of private companies reported that maintaining a robust talent pipeline is the most challenging aspect of CEO succession planning. Source

4. And while 86% of leaders believe leadership succession planning is of utmost importance, only 14% think their organization does it well. Source

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Executive Playbook Corporate sales Training

"Of all the Leadership Seminars and Classes we have attended-this is the only one that has been applicable, and has made a huge difference in our organization"

- Southern Homes

Most Leaders Are Unprepared for the Job

74% of executives were not prepared for the challenges they faced in senior leadership roles. Source

Only 32% of global leaders felt that their organizations adequately supported new leaders. Source

Only 27% believe their organizations provide the necessary resources to support their move into a C-level role. Source

Gain 360º Clarity

This is a real eye-opener. Because you’ll get a clear picture of how you view yourself as a leader in 15 crucial areas.

More importantly, it will give you an honest view of the true impact you have on your team, through their eyes.

Develop Your Strengths

The Executive Playbook’s psychologically based, business-focused approach accurately pinpoints your greatest leadership strengths. 

You’ll learn to develop those strengths and leverage your assets as a leader to drive more speed and profitability.

Stop with the Guessing!

You’ll gain immediate clarity on where to focus your time and energy to sharpen your leadership style. So you’ll only spend effort on areas that make the biggest impact. 

In other words, no more guessing or wasting time trying to figure out where you need to improve!

Raise Up More Leaders

The future and long-term viability of your company depends on your ability to create more leaders who perform and act like you do. 

This program will fuel your leadership development program and ensure the empire you’ve built lasts!

Master the Language of Leadership

Your leadership communication determines the success of your entire operation. It’s time to maximize it!

 You’ll develop the strategies you need to master your leadership language and motivate for massive effect.

The Workbook Difference

You’ll be guided through our in-depth workbook that spans the entire course and does a deep dive into the material.

 All 15 lessons are accompanied by thought exercises, assignments, and extra materials to guide your growth and encourage your mastery of the training.

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The direct cost of replacing a failed executive is close to 10x his or her salary. Source

Become a Leader that creates employees that demonstrate the following 15 attributes and 45 behaviors

What would happen to your future success if every employee demonstrated these 45 behaviors?


 Value the assistance others provide.
 Respect other peoples’ time.
 Openly acknowledge others’ help.


 Discuss ideas that are different from their own.
 Are open to opportunities and information coming from anywhere.
 Are seen as respectful.


 Connect how their efforts at work improve the community at large.
 Are effective ambassadors for the brand.
 Choices are consistent with their values.


 Strive to achieve superior results.
 Focus on realizing continual incremental growth.
 Leverage current resources to achieve desired results.


 Have the courage to speak up if they have a concern.
 Follow up on commitments.
 Demonstrate ethics in everything they do.


 Achieve extraordinary results.
 Operate with high levels of ethics.
 Communicate the “why” along with the “what”.


 Be resilient to setbacks.
 Take personal responsibility for performance.
 Are flexible in their approach.

Growth Mindset

 Believe their effort makes a difference.
 Learn from past mistakes to improve current performance.
 Find the challenge of the task engaging.


 Operate with a can-do attitude.
 Take initiative.
 Willingly do hard work to achieve results.


 Move toward a vivid image of the future.
 Self-correct and adjust their approach to ensure the achievement of a goal.
 Make rational choices.


 Naturally disrupt routine through their approach.
 Combine seemingly different ideas into a single, relevant innovation.
 Approach tasks flexibly.


 Think through and plan.
 Have contingency plans, just in case.
 Demonstrate high energy in getting the job done.


 Provide feedback to their co-workers that helps them to grow.
 Listen effectively.
 Celebrate the success of their co-workers.


 Value the content of people’s ideas regardless of their position.
 Are willing to spend time with people.
 Embrace diversity.


 Cooperate to achieve the common goal.
 Share information and best practices with others.
 Have supportive relationships with coworkers.

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Direct reports perform 15% worse under a struggling leader and are significantly more likely to become disengaged. Source

This is because the leader's language to their direct reports is the number one influencer in the direct report's beliefs, emotions, motivations, behaviors, and most importantly their - results!

Become the leader you were born to be!

 Master the language of highly effective leaders.

 Develop your own unique leadership style.

 Maximize the leadership skills you already have.

Develop more profit-driving leaders like you!

 Create more top leaders who think and act like you do.

 Build an unwavering culture of achievement and peer support.

 Initiate more employee buy-in around key initiatives.

Executive Playbook Corporate sales Training
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jason forrest sales leader

Organizations can't scale when they're led by a few Rambos. 

"I created this course to solve the problem that companies have with succession and expansion planning.  Companies can only grow as fast as they have leaders-in-waiting ready to carry the legacy forward.  This course is about teaching leaders how to coach other leaders to be better than they were."  Jason Forrest

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The direct cost of replacing a failed executive is close to 10x his or her salary. Source

74% of executives were not prepared for the challenges they faced in senior leadership roles. Source

By the time you’re through this course you’ll have completed a road map that leads you to a new destination. A place where you’ll unleash yourself and your team to be the best leader you can possibly be.

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46% of leaders underperform during their transition to a new role. Source

We will teach your leaders researched based tactical strategies to succeed no matter the circumstance.

Executive Playbook Corporate sales Training

Ineffective Leader

Create fear in people by focusing more what people can't do vs. what they can do.

Manage results more than process, creating circumstantial dependency. 

Creates a culture where employees wait for leader's approval vs taking action.


Effective Leader

Teaches employees how to think differently vs. just do.

Shows people how their effort makes a difference.

Helps people understand "the why" behind decisions.

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Start a revolution! Create leaders that create leaders!

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