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Brene Brown became a viral sensation almost overnight when her TED Talk, “The power of vulnerability,” hit the mainstream. Brown’s message was simple: in order for true connection to happen, we have to allow our real selves to be truly seen by others. And that requires vulnerability.

What she found by researching the effects of vulnerability and shame is: people who have a strong sense of internal worthiness and external belonging believe they deserve it. That’s it. Sales warriors who have a strong internal mindset and a strong sense of their external identity in the broader sales tribe just feel they’re worthy of those things. It’s all mindset.

And the way you feel worthy of it is by embodying the phrase Brown says at the very end of her talk, which quickly became the foundation for my own company.

“When we work from a place, I believe, that says I am enough, then we stop screaming and we start listening.”

What a message. Salespeople “scream” in the form of alibis and excuses, which sounds like, “I don’t have enough willing buyers,” or, “I have no support from my team.” What happens when you scream? You don’t listen to coaching. You don’t listen to feedback. You don’t listen to your prospects. You don’t listen to anybody, including your own inner voice. In other words, you stop your growth entirely.

In Jason Forrest's latest book, The Mindset of a Sales Warrior, he dives into this idea in even more detail, breaking down what it truly means to live by this belief.

This screaming is a result of a belief system that says, “I’m not enough.” They’ve been denied vulnerability somewhere along the way, and so their programming is now shame-based. Shame says, “I am the mistake.” That’s a deeply-held belief that you’re somehow broken, and the result of your setbacks is somehow based on your identity as a person. Again, this comes from a programmed “I’m not enough” mentality. This is looking at a lost sale as some deep moral failing within yourself, not as a learning experience detached from your own sense of worthiness. If you truly believed your setbacks define you, then you also believe that there’s nothing you can do to improve. You’re stuck.

Guilt, on the other hand, can be a healthy motivator. Guilt says, “I made a mistake.” See the difference? That disassociates you from the root of the problem. Now you have something tangible you can improve, as opposed to internalizing and embodying the problem within yourself.

This is the core of vulnerability as a sales warrior. When you believe you’re enough, now you’re actively listening to others and yourself. Now you have open arms to coaching, to improvement, to true internal growth. Now you’ve rejected shame entirely.

If you get nothing else from this article, get this:

You are worthy. You are enough to achieve anything you want to achieve. You are enough to reach that sales goal that someone told you was impossible. You are enough to close any sale at any moment.

And above all else, you are enough to become the sales warrior you were born to be.


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About Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest lives on the leading edge of the consulting industry. Jason established his speaking and training career as a top 1% sales professional, but as he trained others, he realized something the rest of the training industry had yet to understand: the sales techniques widely taught at conferences and seminars were installing mental limitations in others, not removing them. That’s when Jason took matters into his own hands, completely disrupting the training industry by becoming the first training company to actually change behavior.

This philosophy is what led his Warrior Selling ® and Leadership Sales Coaching programs to be ranked in the top 10 World’s Top Sales Development Programs, by Global Gurus. His transformative and one-of-a-kind training programs have rightfully earned him his spot in the top 5 of the World’s Top 30 Sales Professionals for 2021, alongside Grant Cardone, Brian Tracy, and more. 

Jason’s success in his sales and leadership coaching programs has pushed him to explore beyond ordinary training by adding a recruiting arm to his company. By using the world’s premier workplace behavioral assessment, FPG finds the most dynamic, culture-fitting, goal-oriented, motivated, and unleashed sales candidates.

His mission is to give every sales professional, manager, and executive tactical, real-world knowledge so they can remove any limiting beliefs keeping them from breaking their plateaus. In the course of that decades-long mission, Jason’s trained billion-dollar companies and everyone from high-powered CEOs to frontline salespeople to increase their effectiveness by driving more profit.


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