Here’s to the X Factors:

Apple refers to the “crazy ones.” In our business, they’re the X-Factors.

X-Factors are the ones who believe in themselves and their Leadership Selling process. They’re not afraid of the word no.  Instead, they’re strengthened by it. And X-Factors have no respect for being just average.

You can mock them, you can disagree with them, but you can’t ignore them. Because they make it rain. They give us permission to be better versions of ourselves. They are liberated from their own alibis and in turn, that liberates us. Some may see them as over the top, but we see them as the hidden variables in a company’s success. Because the people who believe they are the primary source of confidence, motivation, hope, and certainty in their customer’s buying decision really are.

Inspired by the “Crazy Ones.”

Please join us in congratulating our clients’ most recent X Factors:

Mountainview Homes:


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