Having just returned from Jeffrey Hayzlett’s C-Suite Network conference in New York City earlier this week, I want to point out that all conferences are not created equal. In fact, I have been known to walk out of one or two. Time is the most valuable resource we have, so to give a full day or two to a conference is a big deal. As someone who plans and produces Human Performance Unleashed: The Event every year, I constantly question each piece of content, each speaker, and each sponsor to make sure it provides a value worthy of my guests’ time. That same attention to detail and concern is why I deeply appreciate the C-Suite Network and why I will continue to attend their events.

The speaker line-up at the C-Suite Network conferences are always top of the line. This week’s agenda included the brilliant and ever regulation-aware Nelson Griggs, the EVP of Listing Services of Nasdaq, as well as the brilliant and unabashedly honest Danielle DiMartino Booth, President of Money Strong and fellow North Texas gladiator.

There are also fantastic technology speakers. This is the part of most seminars where I usually slip out, but not at the C-Suite Network. I live for leading edge ideas. Listen to this quote: “Sometimes you must cannabalize your own company in order to stay relevant.” Say what?! This came out of the mouth of Sudhir Kulkarni, President of Digital Persistent Systems. He went on to explain how Blockbuster actually had a lot of time to innovate and change and could have made it. However, instead of cannabalizing the in-store rentals that had started the company and made it so successful, they held on and it slowly but eventually killed the company. I consider myself a pretty agile person. I can change gears quickly and have seen FPG through major change and growth, but this was new, in that I came to the realization that some day it might not be only little changes that need to be made. Someday, we might need to overhaul our systems or processes entirely and today is the day to become aware of the potential for that kind of change. That way, when the time comes, I can move more quickly. This is what makes the C-Suite special: hearing from the greats, learning from them, and taking ideas to a new level together.

For my girlfriends that are kicking butt in the highest levels of leadership in your company – You are truly welcome here. It is a conference where, for once, I am not in the minority. I made it through this whole conference without being asked whose wife or assistant I was! This is a conference where women teach, guide, and celebrate each other. And the men — the men support us too!
One of my favorite quotes from the conference was from Adam Johnson who said, “I am a white guy in a suit and there are way too many of me sitting on boards.” This honest, kind, humble and true statement was shocking to hear from the stage… But it shouldn’t be, and with the influence of the C-Suite Network, it won’t be. Also, though, Adam Johnson is exactly the type of human that is and should be sitting on boards of directors, consulting with companies.

This is the C-Suite. This is why it is different and worthwhile. This is why I will return to continue to learn and grow alongside leading edge executives.

If you are an executive and want to attend the next C-Suite conference with me November 7-8 in San Francisco you can register here.

San Francisco Conference

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