At FPG, we take our brand strategy seriously. It’s not just a few token words on a page. For us, it’s how we live our lives on a daily basis. And the first, bedrock level is that our clients can expect and rely upon us for our operational excellence and our customer intimacy.

And nothing is as important to us as creating meaningful, lasting, intimate relationships with the people we serve on a daily basis. So when we get a chance to attend a wedding? You better believe we’re there.

For the last three years, Maria Gonzalez has been an all-star Human Performance Strategist at FPG. And she was recently invited to the wedding of the daughter of the owner for one of our favorite clients, Jagoe Homes. Maria, it goes without saying, takes her mission to provide lasting customer intimacy seriously, and her relationship with Jagoe Homes is absolutely a testament to that fact.

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“It was a great experience,” Maria said. “It’s actually more about the type of people and clients they are versus who I am. They are a genuinely amazing family that are open about their pursuit to being a world class sales team and world class leaders. They’re serious about growth and being the best version of themselves and they acknowledge that having a close, continuous and personal relationship with their executive coach will take them there. She introduced me to everyone as her life coach.”

At FPG, we don’t just view our clients as colleagues. Because we’re so focused on the daily and weekly growth of our clients, we naturally create deeper bonds that allow us to provide the most value, the best service and the closest relationships. That forges lasting relationships, more profit growth, and workplace cultures that change the game.

That’s why we’re so passionate about our ongoing behavioral change model. We’re not just here to be a vendor. Our goal is to be a trusted advisor, and that means walking with you on the journey all along the way.

And, to be sure, we’ll happily sneak in a wedding or two.

“It made me feel so special,” Maria said. “She said it meant the world to her that my husband Gil and I were there. I just can’t tell you how amazing this entire family is.”

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