When it comes to guiding your customers through the buying process, providing them with variety can be crucial to closing the sale, but do you know in which context it is helpful and in which context it is not? In a recent video blog post for Houston Agent, Mary explains when variety should come into play and why buyers need it. Read an excerpt below:

“When we’re talking about your relationship with your client, variety is not something that you necessarily want. You need to be certain with them. You need to have that certainty all of the time and be stable and consistent. However, with their home that they’re looking at, variety is really important. So look at ways that the home is going to create variety in their life. ”

Click here to learn more about how variety fits into an overall strategy that enables you to foster a positive connection between your customers and their potential home purchase. Doing so can lead to a successful sale, which is a win-win for all.

Here’s to earning what you’re worth!

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MARY ELLIOTT is a National Sales Trainer for Forrest Performance Group. Her background includes sales, fundraising, and corporate event planning. This role brings Mary back to her roots as she comes from a family of sales professionals. Mary loves being surrounded by sales coaches at Forrest PG, who can lead her to the next level and she is especially proud to share the “horned-frog” status with the company’s fearless leader (go TCU!).

FORREST PERFORMANCE GROUP is a global leader and designer of corporate training programs, leadership training programs, and sales training programs. Forrest PG’s unique distinction and edge is its belief that true, permanent change begins from the top, transforms from the inside-out, and requires long-term coaching and accountability, rather than short-term training. Too many organizations are short-sighted regarding training and only provide one-day motivational events to entertain sales pros, giving them only short-term boosts in energy and temporary performance lifts. One-day events can be valuable for rejuvenating or jump-starting performance, but a complete training program with coaching along the way makes all of the difference. Increased sales, measurable ROI, accountability, tangible and relevant sales tools are just a few of the results of an FPG training program.

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