“Our training agenda will never trump your business realities,” says FPG Vice President of Sales & Marketing Mary Marshall on every sales call she delivers.

At FPG, this belief seeps so deeply into our essence as a company that we base our entire approach with our clients around a simple premise – every interaction we have should increase your profit margin. And at the end of the day, we’re preferred to do just that because of our relevancy and intimacy.

Take these two real world situations and see which one tailored its approach to the situation, and which one stuck to the “training agenda.”

On July 26, a Salt Lake City nurse was approached at work by a local police detective, who had a single request – to draw blood from a patient in her hospital. The only problem? The patient was unconscious, and the officer didn’t present any documents that would’ve allowed the nurse to do what he was asking. The officer ignored all that, slapped handcuffs on the nurse for standing in the way and pushed her into the back of his police car for 20 minutes.

After video of the incident hit the press, the outcry was immediate. The local police chief apologized. The Salt Lake City mayor apologized. And the loud public response came down hard on the side of the nurse.

Now let’s flash forward to our second example, five weeks later and on a football field in Los Angeles.

Things weren’t looking good for the UCLA football team. The Bruins were opening the season at home, against Texas A&M, and they trailed by an incredible 34 points in the third quarter. Nothing seemed to be working. The running game was struggling. The quarterback couldn’t seem to find open receivers. And everything Texas A&M touched seemed to turn to gold.

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And then, trailing 44-10, UCLA changed the way it looked at the game. Instead of leaning heavily on a “pro style” offense, or using an old school run-first approach that wasn’t working, they shifted in the middle of the game to a more pass-heavy attack. It was a bold move in the middle of the game, but UCLA’s coaches knew they needed a spark to bring out the potential they knew their players had.

It worked brilliantly. UCLA scored 28 points in the fourth quarter, held Texas A&M to zero and put together the second-biggest comeback in the history of college football. The Bruins, thanks to their ability to adapt to the circumstances at hand, won the game 45-44.

There are important lessons here that we put into practice every day. In the first example, the detective was so rigid in his thinking that he didn’t allow himself to call an audible. He entered the hospital with a plan and refused to tailor it to the circumstances when it didn’t go like he imagined. What the public is calling out in his behavior is, at its core, this unwillingness to adapt.

In UCLA’s case, they stayed ahead of their competitors by being nimble in their response. They saw the possibility in their circumstance where the detective merely saw the problem. This allowed UCLA to adapt to the circumstances and tailor a unique game plan to fit their predicament. There’s a reason one worked and the other didn’t.

This is at the core of what we do at FPG. I want to provide a personal touch to our truly transformative training programs because we know you intimately as a company, inside and out. Like a custom dress shirt, we’ll always tailor our approach to your measurements while providing the award-winning behavioral change we’re known for.

We proudly blend small company charm with big company results. And our relevancy and intimacy, both of which are at the forefront of our unique and award-winning approach, allow us to adapt to changing circumstances on the fly. This gives our clients the tailored, boutique approach needed to explode growth and push your profit through your people. After all, how can you know what someone truly wants or needs unless you have an intimate knowledge of what makes them tick? Enter FPG.

It’s this intimate, relevant approach we provide that assures you’ll always come out ahead in the fourth quarter.

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