Tracye McCarthy can vividly recall the first time it hit home that she was truly in the behavioral change business.

Not long after she started her journey as an expert trainer at Forrest Performance Group, Tracye was leading a seminar teaching through the categories of buyer lesson. The lesson centered around the importance of categorizing the buyer in order to gain rapport and send the right message.

One area where Tracye’s excelled throughout her broad professional career is in storytelling, so she told a story to bring the lesson home. She said her son has a summer birthday, and she set the scene with the cake and the candles and the entire party. But, she asked the crowd a rhetorical question: “what if instead of singing happy birthday, we sang Jingle Bells? That wouldn’t make any sense and would be the wrong message at the wrong time.”

Later that night at dinner, the team sprang a surprise on Tracye.

“They brought out a piece of cake for me,” Tracye said, “and they all sang Jingle Bells to me. It was a funny little moment about how that stuck with them and how much that resonated with them.”

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Tracye had been a leader in the broadcast business for decades, but a round of soul searching around a recently shifted role allowed her to see that she wanted to get back to coaching and development. She shared this with one of her mentors, and he connected her with FPG. Fortuitously, she learned FPG happened to specialize in everything she wanted to do.

By the time Tracye found her way to Forrest Performance Group as an expert trainer in April of 2017, she’d already been leading for years. But even then, her first moments at FPG were a blast of refreshment. She knew FPG taught training, but it seemed evident immediately that they also lived by their own mantras.

“The first two weeks, it was a lot of, ‘I can’t believe these people are so nice,’” Tracye says. “Then jumping into the content and FPG beliefs, my belief system just lines up so beautifully with FPG content Jason created and taught. A lot of the things I embraced and used and taught, I wasn’t always calling them the same things, but in theory and concept they’re very much in alignment. It was very much a refreshing time. It was kind of like wiping away the cobwebs.”

Since starting with FPG, Tracye’s quickly developed a reputation as the “folksy genius” at FPG headquarters for her casual yet emotionally powerful delivery style. That’s something she developed during her years presiding over the stressful world of broadcasting, sales leadership and personal coaching.

There are two prongs to what Tracye brings to FPG clients every day from her years behind the camera. Decades of dealing the high-pressure world of deadlines, live programming and on-the-spot troubleshooting make her adept at gracefully walking clients through leashes or reluctances. There’s also the leadership component, which jived with FPG’s mission to redefine training, transform cultures and change lives.

“I think that building up teams and working with people, whether it’s sales teams or management teams, doing so much of that over the years prepared me a lot to do what we do on a regular basis,” Tracye says.

Tracye’s evolution as a trainer has been swift. The way Tracye describes it is through the concept of “relaxed focus.” When Tracye leads a seminar she adeptly walks clients though concepts with her relatable style that draws in attendees with a warmth and welcoming nature that beautifully facilitates FPG’s content. The rave reviews she receives are a testament to her commitment to coaching, training and true behavior change.

“When the time came around and I was getting plugged in at FPG, I was so grateful for that and so excited for that, it was like, forget first second and third gear; let’s just throw this thing into fifth or sixth gear and get going,” Tracye says. “That was my moment of getting into flow and relaxed focus and confidence.”

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