Humans sometimes have an instinctive desire to shy away from things that look and sound scary. But often, running toward those challenges and conflicts is the only way to grow and meet our goals. Those who run from the deafening noise never reach their full potential, while those who turn and face the fear thrive.

The ones who hear that noise and chase it anyway are running toward the roar. And there are few things in life that provide more growth and reward than running toward that roar.

That’s the theme of this month’s newsletter, which I’m excited to share with you. One of the things I’ve shared with my team consistently at FPG this month is that your capacity for success is equal to your capacity to have tough conversations. We’re constantly chasing feedback as a means to better ourselves, and that means sometimes hearing feedback on things we’ve messed up.

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The good news is that those tough conversations are infinitely more beneficial to our growth than the easy ones. They give us certainty because we know where we stand and we know where we need to improve.

But running toward the roar also means seeing things for what they are and facing challenges head on. Ten years ago I decided to branch off from the comfort of working as a trainer for others and create my own company, FPG. There were so many voices in the back of my head telling me to stay where I was. I was comfortable. I enjoyed what I was doing. And I was growing.

But I had to ask myself whether I was sacrificing my comfort for growth. And that spurred my run toward the roar moment.

So I just decided. I decided I’d leave that comfort and do my own thing. I started FPG in 2010 with a single employee and just a few client leads. I’d have to hustle, work a lot of long hours and build something from scratch. But I decided that in order to break the plateau I was on and reach a new one, I’d have to fulfill my driver of freedom to keep growing and reach the next plateau.

And that’s exactly what happened. Ten years later and FPG is one of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in the United States and a national best place to work. We’ve also won five Stevie Awards for training excellence in the last five years, and we continue to grow. That wouldn’t have happened if we decided at each stage of our growth to stay put. We had to break the mold every time.

The entire point of running toward the roar is breaking out of your comfort zone to become more and contribute more. It wouldn’t be impactful if it wasn’t tough. But just like our capacity to succeed is equal to our capacity to have tough conversations, our capacity for growth is equal to our capacity to run toward the roar.

What’s one area this month where you can personally run toward a roar in your life? Maybe it’s personal, or maybe there’s an initiative at work you’ve been holding back on because it seems too uncomfortable or difficult. Always remember, those difficult moments are the fire that refines you, not the furnace that melts you.

The more you can run toward the roar, the more personally and professionally fulfilled you’ll be every single day.

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