For Star Wars fans, this time of year has become an annual holiday all its own. We can’t really start Christmas until the new Star Wars hits. And as usual, I was left with a few lasting takeaways I’ve already begun applying.

The wild thing about Star Wars? Disney plans to release one a year every year around this time until… well, they don’t have an end date yet. At some point they’ll run out of Star Wars stories to tell, but until that date, Star Wars is our new annual December tradition. And at least in my house, we have a blast with it.

I took my kids to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi during its first weekend, and we made an event of it. I’d bought tickets weeks in advance, so we built up the day to create anticipation around it. And once we saw it, we streamed out of the theater as happy customers along with everyone else.

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One thing that struck me, as it usually does in Star Wars movies, was the power in the light side of the Jedi order. I couldn’t help but tie it back to our own FPG values and mission. For those who aren’t familiar, the Jedi are a mystical knighthood who use ‘The Force’ to control matter and guide their actions. It was fitting that I saw the movie just days after our 4th quarter meeting. Our theme was The Way of the Warrior, which I modeled after the ancient Samurai concept of bushido – it’s the values the Samurai lived by and modeled their culture on. We focused in on our own ‘bushido,’ which includes things like our belief that everyone is enough, and that  possibility thinking can literally change the world. We teach these things to our clients every day, and we definitely practice what we preach. That, among many other reasons, is what makes FPG so unique and a true leader in the training world.

What struck me as I was sitting in that darkened theater was that the wisdom of the Jedi was really just their own bushido code. Let me share with you a few pieces of Jedi ‘bushido’ and their FPG translations.

What the Jedi say: “In life, we find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi
The FPG translation: “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

Come pay us a visit at our downtown Fort Worth office (I highly encourage you to drop by, we’ll have some barbecue out for you), and one of the first things you’ll see is this quote. We have it plastered on our entryway wall, and there’s a reason. Just like Obi-Wan says, everything depends on how we look at a situation. For example, if you look at a struggle as something happening for you and not to you, then you can’t lose. If you change your point of view, you can change your results overnight.

What the Jedi say: “I can’t believe it.” – Luke Skywalker // “And that is why you fail.” – Yoda
The FPG translation: “Beliefs have more to do with our success than our abilities.”

There is literally no limit to what we can accomplish if we believe in our abilities. This idea threads its way through every FPG seminar, coaching session and lesson. When Luke crashes his ship on Yoda’s planet, Yoda uses the Force to pull it out of the muck with his mind. When Luke tells Yoda he doesn’t believe what he saw, Yoda is blunt: that is why you fail. It isn’t that Luke couldn’t do what Yoda did, it was just that he didn’t believehe had that same ability inside him. Yoda has a lot in common with our transformational FPG trainers, because they teach the same concept every day.

What the Jedi say: “In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.” – Yoda
The FPG translation: Performance = Knowledge – Leashes

Throughout his time in Star Wars, Yoda is constantly preaching the value of knowing yourself as a stepping stone to mastery. We ask our employees to be the light, which means carrying the knowledge of our concepts and bushido way to our clients and the outside world. That helps transform behavior and change lives by equipping our clients with the knowledge they need, both internal and external. We believe that when we equip people with knowledge, they have the ammunition to remove the embedded leashes holding them back from achieving their goals. And that leads to the kind of performance that changes cultures and drives profit. The Jedi code is all about teaching that knowledge of yourself and others, and that’s exactly the sort of thing we teach our clients, our families and our friends.

So do we consider ourselves Jedi masters at FPG? Not quite. But we dobelieve that knowledge is the first step to unleashing, our beliefs are everything, and the things we look at change our everyday outlook. If that means we have a bit of Jedi in us? Then that makes our clients Jedi warriors as well, and that sounds great to us.

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