Despite their big teeth, full manes, and deafening roars, lions aren’t dangerous hunters. Their job on the hunt is to be so loud and intimidating that they send their prey scattering–right into the quiet, lurking lioness’ path. What gazelles and zebras don’t understand is that if they resisted their quivery legs’ and stood their ground, they’d survive. 

Humans instinctively run away from the things that look or sound scary, too. But sometimes, those challenges and conflicts are exactly what we need to run toward because when we do, we find something better than survival–we find life. We find that sweet spot that allows us to do and believe and achieve what doesn’t seem possible. This is when underdogs triumph and deep-seated traditions and beliefs change. This is the magic of being human.

Who do you know?

Do you know someone with a remarkable story of running towards the roar? We want to know! We want to interview such overcomers and feature them in our blogs, articles, and even Jason’s next book! We’re thinking people like Amy Purdy (who lost both legs and is now a professional snowboarder) Paul Potts (an overweight opera singer who nearly gave up, but persevered

Email Alicia@ForrestPG.com with a two-sentence pitch about who you know that fits the description and why the whole world should know about them.

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