“I apologize for having to re-accommodate customers” – Oscar Munoz, CEO, United Airlines. This was a statement made by the CEO of United Airlines after a United passenger was dragged from his seat Sunday, April 9. Federal regulations do not prevent carriers from selling more seats than a flight can accommodate. Overbooking is necessary, because we are told passengers don’t show up for their flights. The practice allows airlines to recoup their lost revenue while keeping flights affordable for everyone. Typically, airlines will ask for volunteers on oversold flights, promising some type of compensation in return for taking a different flight. Unfortunately, not enough volunteers were found on this flight, leaving the airline with the power to decide who got “bumped.” This practice helps profits but at what cost to customer service? When you lose your customer, the cost is greater than you expect.

Unhappy customers will tell their friends, family and coworkers about their bad experience. In United Airlines’ case the entire world knows, and has numerous video footage to prove it.

56 percent of customers will never use a company again after a poor customer service experience. Bad customer service costs businesses billions of dollars each year. So even when you are trying to put policies into place that inconvenience a customer to save money, in the end, everybody loses.

This is where FPG comes in. Our Service Unleashed program is designed with one goal in mind: to help you become an even more effective deliverer of great service to all you serve – your guests, colleagues, passengers, and others. The primary purpose of the Service Unleashed® training program is to provide you with success-making skills. When a guest has a need, success may be going the extra mile to make service to that person easy and effective. You can always provide the customer or guest with a positively memorable experience, and avoid customer service incidents like United experienced.

This program is about creating a positive, memorable, and consistently high quality experience that ensures a customer or guest is pleased and eager to be your advocate.


Here’s to earning what you’re worth!

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