The first time Phil McShan experienced the FPG sales training and coaching methodology from CEO Jason Forrest, it was from the other side as a client. And it left one heck of an impression.

“I was in a Holiday Inn and Jason was teaching, and I remember thinking, ‘Man, this stuff is awesome,’” Phil recalls. “If you follow this, you can’t help but make more money and be a better salesperson. But it will also help me be a better dad and a better husband.”

That feeling stuck with Phil, to the point that it eventually guided him to FPG as a trainer. Today, Phil occupies the VP of Training role, where he oversees a team of certified trainers who help facilitate, guide and coach FPG’s clients through our game-changing programs. In fact, that was the sort of thing that led Phil to FPG in the first place. He wanted an organization that actively poured into its clients by focusing on long-term behavior change, and that’s exactly what he found at FPG.

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Phil comes from a training background, but he freely admits there’s nothing quite like FPG’s focus on internal programming that drives external results. That’s the sort of change he’s spent his years at FPG focused on, not just in his own experiences coaching clients, but with the in-house trainers he coaches as well.

Phil’s primary question, or the filter his daily tasks run through, is “How can I increase the consistency of training today?” No matter which trainer is leading a seminar or a coaching call, the experience is just as edifying and just as perspective-altering as if any other FPG trainer were there. Since joining FPG, one of Phil’s most seismic impacts was helping to make that kind of unerring consistency a reality.

“We have trainers who bring their own passion and personality and yet stick to the program,” Phil says. “We all follow the strategy and the process exactly the same, but I’ve got to bring my “Phil-ness” to it, and our trainers have to bring their art to it as well. I think that’s big. We’re not all the same, which is cool.”

Phil says he got there by learning the science first. When he first started at FPG, Phil poured over Jason’s recorded coaching sessions and soaked in everything like a sponge. Once he’d mastered the science, he brought his unique art to the table.

Phil is known as The People’s Champion at FPG and among clients for his effervescent attitude and his ability to connect with people both in one-on-one and in group settings. That translates to the training staff he oversees, as each one is the beneficiary of Phil’s coaching and operational expertise on all things FPG.

At the end of the day, Phil’s biggest mission is FPG’s biggest mission: to convince everyone that they are enough. In other words, that each and every one of FPG’s clients possess all the tools within them to succeed already. It’s just about bringing those things to light and drawing out the ability in each one.

Each day, on the way into his office, Phil passes a wall hanging with a mantra he lives by: the coaching along the way makes all the difference.

“We’re empowering people,” Phil said. “We’re changing the world. We’re helping people to believe that they have everything they need to be successful. It’s a white hat organization. We’re not doing anything in the world that’s negative. We’re helping people improve their lives, and that’s what I want to do.”

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