Own Your Success

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Growing up, my dad had a phrase he must’ve told me a thousand times: “Whether you succeed or you fail, it’s all on you.” When I was initially rejected by TCU, my college of choice, I had that phrase ringing in my head when I walked into the dean’s office and pled my case. And it was the motivation for why I was provisionally accepted by the dean that day and graduated 3 ½ years later with honors.

Today, I proudly tell my kids the same thing. Nobody controls your success, or your failure, except for you.

This is the core concept of the ownership mindset, and I have an entire chapter dedicated to this concept in my upcoming book, The Mindset of a Sales Warrior.

For a sales warrior, my definition of total ownership is the unwavering desire to see your company’s goals and mission as your own. The best way for you to embody that ownership mindset is to own, internalize, and chase the goals and the mission of your company. That’s the whole idea of being above the line. You’re fitting the needs of your company by realizing that the way to achieve your goals is to help your company achieve its goals.

“Change the way you look at things so the things you look at change.”

The Bushido Code was created by the honor-bound Japanese warrior class that popularized the 7 virtues of a life well lived. The greatest honor within the Bushido Code is to serve your house and to give your all for the people within your tribe. You accomplish this by living by those virtues. There’s nothing more honorable and noble than fulfilling the needs of the people who rely on you every day.

I believe the same holds true for sales warriors when it comes to an ownership mindset. And there are six behaviors to live out this ownership mindset on a daily basis.

1. Verbally uses the company’s standards to make decisions.

You can’t make decisions based on the company standards if you don’t know them. So take the time to commit your company’s standards to memory, and then actively look to apply them to add speed and profitability right away.

2. Treats the company’s resources as their own.

If it was your company, how would your behavior change right now? Could you close that sale at a higher price? Would you be more aware of how you’re spending company time? Would you be more aware of how your teammates are talking about your company? Would you take on more responsibility?

 3. Focuses more on what they can give the company than what they get from it. Your brain is wired to respond to help by helping back. It’s called The Law of Reciprocity. And here’s the game-changing part: psychologists found that the response is usually greater than the initial action. People tend to give back more than they got in the first place.

4. Actively uses possibility thinking to create solutions for the company.

Instead of focusing on why something can’t be done – “there’s no way we can hit this sales target this month” – sales warriors focus on why something can be done – “let’s brainstorm on how we can change up our strategy to hit our sales target this month.”

5. Finds new ways to increase company profit margin.

If you’re selling something for a certain price, can you upsell/cross-sell to increase the price just a little bit more? If you’re already selling an add-on for $400, could you sell it for $450? Or $500? Do you see areas where your company could use its resources better?

6. Through their advocacy, inspires others to be advocates.

Advocacy isn’t just about believing in your company’s standards and goals. The definition of an advocate is someone who recommends and supports something publicly.

I find so many salespeople have a leash around this concept because they see it as somehow minimizing themselves. If that’s you, it’s so important for you to change the way you look at things so the things you look at change. I believe the reality is actually the opposite. Being an owner means becoming more and contributing more within your company. It doesn’t mean minimizing yourself. It means maximizing yourself, your impact, and your sales results.