I believe that growth is measured by how tall you stand back up after falling down.

Very few generals have had the lasting impact that General George S. Patton has had. Patton went down in history for fiercely commanding the US’s 7th Army in Europe and the Mediterranean during World War II, but he’s equally famous for his insight into what makes for excellent and successful leadership.

Patton’s colorful personality, hard-driving leadership style, and success as a commander built his unforgettable legacy. The U.S. Army adopted many of Patton’s aggressive strategies for training programs, and the first American tank designed after the war was named the M46 Patton.

Author Charles M. Province showcased Patton’s most memorable quotes in his book, Patton’s One-Minute Messages. One of my personal favorites is,“success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.”

There’s no profession on earth where a person will lose more on a daily basis than sales. A salesperson might get rejected by 50 out of 50 prospects on Monday, and they’ve got to start it all over again with a fresh mindset on Tuesday. It’s impossible to overstate how much mental fortitude it takes not just to overcome those setbacks, but to turn them into something positive.

We all have our low points,  personally and professionally. We hit roadblocks all the time. We all will experience failure at some point in our lives, but our attitude about that failure is what determines whether we bounce back or fall hard.

My upcoming book, The Mindset of a Sales Warrior, takes you through 44 transformational strategies that will transform you into a true sales warrior. Each life changing strategy comes with real world application and dives into what it means to think, act, and sell like the top 1%. I dedicate an entire chapter to the belief that setbacks are just comebacks in disguise because this is one of the most valuable beliefs you can adopt as a sales warrior.

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So, as a little teaser to what you’ll learn in my upcoming book, here are some strategies for turning your setbacks into comebacks.


When you encounter a setback, it’s tempting to let it shape the way you see yourself. I dedicate a whole different chapter in The Mindset of a Sales Warrior to what it means to build your “me”. You need to build your self-esteem around yourself, and not around the situations you face. Imagine if you built your entire self-esteem around a situation and failed miserably. You’d end up believing that you yourself are the failure, and it will be significantly harder to bounce back.


To avoid feeling helpless and hopeless, and to address the psychologicalinjuries that failures and setbacks can inflict, you must find ways to regain control of as many aspects of the task or goal as possible. When we face any kind of failure, personally or professionally, our minds start to spin a story that negatively programs our behaviors. The bottom line is that you always have control over a situation, even if you feel like you don’t.


No one enjoys dwelling in their failures, and I’m definitely not advising you to, but your failures do serve a purpose. Every single setback you face, big or small, has the power to motivate you to push harder towards success. If your goal was to run a marathon, but you only finished a quarter of it, you’ve still learned something and grown stronger for the next race. And next time, you’ll be more resolved than ever to cross that finish line.

Sales warriors live by Patton’s belief of bouncing higher every time they hit rock bottom. Sales warriors are constantly growing and adapting with every setback. Everything in your life, including and especially your setbacks, is happening for you, not to you. Your ability to find the teachable lesson in every moment will gift you with your greatest renewable energy source.

I know that you are someone who wants to succeed, so I challenge you to adopt this Sales Warrior mindset. Choose to have gratitude for the growth that comes from challenges. This warrior mindset will allow you to see every setback as a comeback in disguise.

Once you’ve mastered this you’ll never fail again, you’ll only learn and grow.

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