Do you feel confident that your company would continue to run at the same level of intensity and profitability as before? Would your company be barely surviving without you, or would they be thriving?

If you were to step away right now, would your company continue to grow or would it slowly fall apart?

In order for your company to grow into an empire, you need to feel confident that you are raising leaders at every level within your company. You need to grow your people to be better than you are. You need to feel confident that if you were to step away, your company wouldn’t just continue at the same level, they would continue to be better than the day before.

As a leader, you know that the only way to keep growing your company is to create more leaders like you. Every company with a lasting legacy has one thing in common – they have one great leader after another. And one thing I know is that a company’s capacity for profit growth is equal to its capacity to create more leaders that change the game.

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Let’s look at Jack Welch of General Electric. Welch is a leader who established a legacy in developing leaders. Welch was CEO and Chairman of General Electric from 1981 to 2001, and he increased the company’s value over 4000 percent during his leadership. Welch also created a policy of informality at GE, allowing all employees to have small business experience at a large corporation.

This was his philosophy for developing more leaders. Welch once said: “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

Just like Jack Welch, I believe in growing my employees at FPG. I‘ve watched my new employees start with this “keep my head down and do my work” attitude, and transform into true leaders who take ownership and pride over FPG. This is the reason that FPG has made the INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list for three consecutive years.

The key to continuous growth is to create more leaders.

I see it everyday. Successful companies form around this strong leadership core, but the next generation of leaders can’t uphold the standard. This causes the company to crack from the inside out, and revenue eventually drops off a cliff. This is the biggest reason why Fortune 500 companies can’t stay on the list – it’s because the next line of leaders couldn’t establish legacy leadership.

Companies that use FPG’s Executive Playbook will never have this problem. This game-changing program is like injecting a renewable energy source into your company’s leadership structure. The program isn’t just about getting the most out of your leadership right now. It’s about creating decades of growth by giving you a blueprint to create more leaders who can take your company even further. This assessment will measure your leaders’ beliefs in five key factors that determine your success as a company, and your performance as a team.

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These five factors are:

1. Efficacy. Know how to create high levels of efficacy so your employees have high levels of engagement.

2. Goals. Learn how to encourage goal setting that leads to maximum performance.

3. Approach. The best leaders know how to coach their peoples’ beliefs as well as coaching their tasks.

4. Relationships. Is your team’s collaboration exactly where you want it to be? This shows you tactical steps to unleash your teamwork.

5. Altruism. Companies that thrive connect their employees to a higher purpose. Learn how to create leaders who are raving advocates for your company’s mission.

The most successful companies know that what really matters is whether they can develop these five factors in the people they lead. The capacity for your success is not equal to how many leaders you have with this mindset, it’s how many leaders you have that can create these behaviors in your employees. When they can do that, your company’s profit margins will be unleashed.

The difference between companies like General Electrics, and companies that fail, is that companies like FPG and GE believe in creating legacy leadership. We know if you encourage every employee in the company to have an ownership mindset, you are ultimately building a foundation of steel for your company.

When the time comes for you to step down and leave your company in the hands of another, what do you want to see? A company that’s barely surviving? Of course you don’t.

I want you to imagine your company 10 years from now.

What do you see? A company that’s barely surviving? Or a team of leaders ensuring that your company will live on for generations?

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