What does “be the light” mean to you?

When I hear that phrase in line with our mission, vision and strategy at FPG, I think of our core belief that everyone is enough. So for me, FPG is bringing our light to people who maybe don’t think of themselves as enough. Our entire purpose as a company is to unleash human performance, and we believe that can only be done by spreading the light. That means giving our methodology to our clients and sparking true behavior change that drives profit.

I think it’s important for everyone to decide what “being the light” means to them on a daily basis. Whatever light you’re bringing, I think it’s vital that it uplifts others, provides tangible value and reflects who you are as a person or as a company.

Let me tell you an example of what “being the light” means to me.

At a recent FPG seminar, I was teaching the importance of what and how-based questions versus why-based questions. The reality is that why-based questions make the customer feel like they’re being interrogated. Think about the last time someone peppered you with a bunch of why questions: Why did you do that? Why did you think that was a good idea? It puts you in a really defensive stance, doesn’t it?

Instead, it’s important to ask what and how-based questions to gain rapport with the customer or your team so you can help them improve their life. That’s what selling and leading is all about.

At the back of the room, one person thought why-based questions were the more effective method. So I made a pact with him – by the end of the seminar I wanted him to see things differently. And sure enough, after we talked through it, he made a commitment to use what and how-based questions instead of why-based questions.

This was a hugely impactful moment for me, because we spend all of our time focused on being the light so we can spread that light to everyone we meet. I just had gratitude at the end of that seminar because this was basically the core of our mission as a company. We want people to walk out of our training seminars, coaching calls and lessons feeling uplifted and changed. The more we can do that for our clients, the happier and more fulfilled we feel.

So I encourage you to focus on being the light in your day-to-day. Think about what that looks like for you, and I want you to write down three ways you can be the light in your daily life this week. I believe that when we connect that mission with our purpose, we’ll have our drive charged for life.

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