If you want people to have a positive perception of your brand, you must teach your entire organization one crucial lesson: every customer interaction counts. As Phil explains in his recent article for Builder and Developer, branding is a team effort that requires every employee to act as an ambassador for your company. Read an excerpt below:


“Does everyone on your team understand they are brand ambassadors? If not, take a lesson from Disney’s foundational principle: The importance of the guest experience can be summed up in two words: everything speaks. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to ‘speak’ to the customer and present a positive message.”


To learn more about how to teach your team members to become effective ambassadors for your organization, including tried-and-true tips for creating personal branding messages that will leave a lasting impact, click here.


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PHIL MCSHAN LOVES INVESTING IN PEOPLE—A PERFECT FIT FOR HIS ROLE. With 15 years experience in sales, consulting and training, Phil brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. Phil’s authentic speaking approach has earned him a reputation for being easy to listen to. He always strives to make his training relevant, real and applicable.
Phil is especially passionate about the Forrest PG philosophy that, “Our beliefs have more to do with our success than our abilities and the it’s coaching along the way makes all the difference.” He loves being one such difference maker.  Check out Phil live here.


FORREST PERFORMANCE GROUP is a global leader and designer of corporate training programs, leadership training programs, and sales training programs. Forrest PG’s unique distinction and edge is its belief that true, permanent change begins from the top, transforms from the inside-out, and requires long-term coaching and accountability, rather than short-term training. Too many organizations are short-sighted regarding training and only provide one-day motivational events to entertain sales pros, giving them only short-term boosts in energy and temporary performance lifts. One-day events can be valuable for rejuvenating or jump-starting performance, but a complete training program with coaching along the way makes all of the difference. Increased sales, measurable ROI, accountability, tangible and relevant sales tools are just a few of the results of an FPG training program. Check out who we are here.

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