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You know the feeling. That feeling when you stress starts to sink in, folding your stomach into knots, and causing your heart to pound inside your chest. You’re staring at your list of things to do, wondering where to begin and how you’re going to get through it all.

Stress used to completely stunt my growth because I’d spend more time thinking about what’s in front of me than actually tackling the tasks and moving forward. But I decided to change the story in my head around stress. Instead of becoming overwhelmed and letting stress consume me, I think about grapes.

Why grapes? Well, it’s said that “stressed vines make the best wines”, because the harder the vine works to produce fruit, the more vibrant the flavor, the more balanced the acid and the smoother the tannins will be.

If you take a grapevine and make its physical requirements for water and nutrients easily accessible, then it will give you poor grapes. Effectively, it’s saying, “This is a nice comfortable spot, I’m going to make myself at home here”, and it won’t be too bothered about making grapes. It doesn’t need to grow because it’s already doing alright, and the result is extremely average grapes that make extremely average wine.

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But, when you make things difficult for the vine, restricting water supply, and making nutrients scarce, instead of devoting itself to growing big and sprawling, it will focus its effort on reproducing itself, which for a vine means making grapes. The vine doesn’t give up, it grows through the stressful environment and the result is higher quality grapes that produce high quality wine.

Stress doesn’t have to weigh you down, and you have the power to choose the way you view discomfort. You can either retreat to your comfort zone, or live beyond it.

Stress is just a sign that you’re growing, learning, and improving. You’ve been programmed to find ways to reduce and avoid stress, but the truth is that you need to be uncomfortable in order to grow. True sales warriors are continually looking for a chance to add more strategies, more learnings, more new ideas to give themselves an edge over their competitors. That’s true authenticity. And that means being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

In my upcoming book, The Mindset of a Sales Warrior, I dedicate an entire chapter to this idea that your authentic self is your uncomfortable self. I believe that your true authentic self is you’re stressed self. People tend to think that their authentic self is who they are consistently throughout their life, and they see authenticity as “personally true,” or “unique to my identity.” In reality, authenticity is an active verb, and you don’t arrive at your own personal authenticity without striving.

Your true authentic self is your GROWING self, your LEARNING self, your UNCOMFORTABLE self, and your IMPROVING self.

Many salespeople avoid discomfort with their prospects. They back off when they hear an objection, they avoid that follow-up call, and they’d never even dream of proactively asking for the close during a sale. But sales warriors use discomfort as a springboard for growth because they know that nothing could be more authentic than finding the tension between complacency and mastery, living inside that tension, and using it to grow their skills, ability, and inner strength.

So, here are 2 key things to remember that will help you embrace discomfort and grow towards authenticity:


Have you ever wondered why people labeled the discomforts of aging as”growing pains”? Because you aren’t growing, learning, or improving unless you’re uncomfortable. If you never pushed yourself to grow through discomfort, you would never improve your life. It would always stay the same. So if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not working towards authenticity, because your authentic self is your growing, learning, uncomfortable, and improving self.


When you stay outside your comfort zone for long enough, it will grow to re-encompass you. The actions you take as a sales warrior  will seem foreign and scary to you at first, but you’re really just stimulating your authentic self and growing into who you were meant to be. I challenge you to try one thing a day that falls outside of your comfort zone, and then work through it until it becomes comfortable. Then, find another fear to work through and keep moving towards improvement.

I know you are someone who wants to unleash their profits and improve their lives. So I challenge you to adopt this mindset, and become a sales warrior who celebrates stress, and embraces discomfort. Reframe your mindset and discover how much you’ll grow, learn, and improve your life.

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