In today’s day and age, nobody challenges perspectives quite like Elon Musk. What if we could follow his lead in our daily lives? What would that look like?

In the off chance Musk’s name hasn’t crossed your desk before (and I’d be surprised if it hasn’t), he’s the billionaire innovator and science inventor who most popularly is the CEO of Tesla cars and Space X rockets. It seems like everything Musk comes up with is a challenge to the status quo. One of the most famous things he’s proposed in the last couple years is the Hyperloop, a high-speed train being developed jointly by Space X and Tesla. The idea is to revolutionize train transport by zinging people along at 700 mph. For some perspective, that’s about 100 mph on average faster than an airplane.

Musk’s entire career has been built from this idea that challenging perspectives is the surest way to innovate, not just professionally but personally too. Musk seems to propose a new harebrained idea a month, and all of them seem to be as far-reaching as humanly possible. It’s almost like he’s asking the world, “Do you believe I can pull this off?”Unfortunately, the answer he often gets back is a resounding, “no.”

I believe that’s because people too often aren’t willing to allow their own perspectives to be challenged. Keep in mind, if we never challenged our perspectives as societies, we’d never have found the New World, never have created electricity, never have walked the moon.

That’s why people like Musk are so near and dear to the FPG philosophy that a confused mind is a learning mind. It’s not until we allow the things we believe we know to be true to be challenged that we can break plateaus and become better versions of ourselves.

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I believe that aligning yourself with the 1% and shadowing what they do is the best way to become part of the 1%. And as far as challenging your beliefs go, aligning yourself with Elon Musk is the best way to take something you thought was impossible and make it possible by sheer force of will.

And the most outlandish thing Musk has ever said? We’re going to put a colony on Mars. And Space X is going to do it.

Just this week, Musk’s Space X announced another test for its Falcon Heavy rocket before its first official liftoff later this year. Why is this so exciting for Space X and space lovers in general? The Falcon Heavy rocket is planned to be the first ever rocket to eventually take humans to Mars. That’s right, I said Mars, the red planet more famous for its portrayals in Hollywood than its actual habitability. Humans can’t actually live on Mars, right? There’s no way we can actually make this happen, right?

Enter Elon Musk, Mr. Challenge Perspective himself.

In an article last year, Musk said that colonizing Mars wasn’t just a goal of his, it was an eventuality. And he hasn’t even ruled out going himself on the first flight out.

“This is a huge amount of risk, will cost a lot, and there’s a good chance we won’t succeed,” Musk says. “But we’re going to try and do our best.”

One thing I know about the most successful people is that they shoulder that risk and go for it anyway. They display courage, and they use that courage to leap over risk and challenge our perspectives in the process. For years we’ve just assumed that Mars is decades, if not centuries, away from human colonization. Musk thinks it could happen in the next 10 years. Do you believe him? If you answered “maybe” or “absolutely,” then congratulations. Your mind is open to being challenged.

One of the reasons why FPG has had the success we’ve had is because we challenge popular perceptions about training and selling. We don’t follow the crowd because we know the tactics it takes to win. For instance, you know how you’ve heard it’s important to treat every customer differently? That’s a sure path to losing sales. Have a process in place, treat every customer the same and watch your sales skyrocket.

This is why Musk’s goal to get to Mars in the next 10 years sounds like music to my ears and sounds so crazy and undoable to so many others. He’s basically inviting you to challenge all the presuppositions you have about what’s possible. He’s inviting you to change the way you look at things, so the things you look at can change.

My challenge to you is to not just challenge your own perspectives, but challenge those of others as well. Always remember, a confused mind is a learning mind. Frustration and confusion isn’t the road to nowhere. It’s the rocket to Mars.

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