The economic winter is coming.

That might seem like a strange thing to hear in 2018. Everything seems great right now – really great, in fact. And if you didn’t feel the impact in your daily life, the markets are certainly reflecting back how well everything is going. A recent Bloomberg report confirmed that there are now almost as many job openings as there are unemployed U.S. workers. They’ve only been keeping records on this stat since 2000, but this is a first at least since then.

In March this year, job openings soared to a record 6.55 million, compared to the 6.58 million currently unemployed in the U.S. The national housing market is still climbing, and markets like Seattle and DFW are so tight that under-list offers are rarely accepted. Interest rates are still relatively low, and everywhere you look people are hiring, expanding and growing their reach.

Which is exactly why you need to be prepared for the inevitable economic tumble. Let me ask you this – how many of your people are prepared when the next downturn hits?

The kind of training FPG provides is always important, but people don’t always see it until the market starts losing steam and their profit margins erode. One thing I know is that the companies that choose us weather storms the best because we prepare them for the winter. Our training is recession-proof. We give them the strategies and tactical know-how to push through tough markets and just sell more.

In fact, I built my entire brand on that idea. Back in 2007, when the housing market was in shambles, I was so frustrated by all the victimhood and blaming going around in sales offices. There had to be a better way. That’s why I wrote Creating Urgency in a Non-Urgent Housing Market in 2007. That book became a road map for companies to stop blaming the circumstances and start removing their own leashes so they could sell through the economy. And they did. Over and over again.

The market conditions are different now than they were in 2007, but a lot of the telltale signs of a market downturn are there. In 2006, the year before the crash, there were 6.7 unemployed, and there are 6.5 today. We’re already in the second-longest recession recovery phase in history, meaning this kind of longterm growth is almost unprecedented. Homes are a great bellwether for the overall economy, and in 2017 we returned to 2006 levels of home-buying for the first time. Again, things are different, but history tells us we’ll have a recession – or something close to it – about every seven years.

Which means we’re overdue.

The point isn’t to be alarmist. The market is great right now, and we can definitely enjoy it while it’s here. But to ignore the looming winter is to live in delusional thinking, not reality thinking. If you want proof, the deficit is also soaring, and that isn’t good news. Based on my experience, the companies that thrive don’t thrive because they made all their money when the market was good. They thrive because they had a selling strategy that made them recession-proof. They were ready, they prepared and they sold through it. Period.

That’s FPG. We are the recession-proof training company, and we equip you with the tools to push through any and all storms so you can make your name in the lean times while everyone else is scaling back.

So right now I want you to ask yourself – are your people prepared for what’s coming? Now is the perfect time to start training your people on the processes that will make them sales warriors. Think about someone who’s been trained to live off the land in harsh climates. If he gets lost, he’s equipped with the tools to thrive in that environment until he can get back to safety. That’s the mentality we always need to take with our people.

This is the most important lesson you can take away from this, because the companies that come out the other side of tough economic times aren’t full of salespeople.

They’re full of trained sales warriors.

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