We caught ourselves daydreaming again.

DreamForce can have that effect on you. We’ve been so immersed in the culture, excitement and madness of the hustle and bustle here that we’ve been taken out of our own heads sometimes. But it’s always easy to re-center and remind yourself in the small down moments that, man, this is some amazing stuff. And what we’re learning can change everything.

So get this. In a lull between sessions, we found ourselves reveling in the goose-pimpling NorCal breeze, drinking in the scene on bean bag chairs watching dog-walking revelers and birds swirl to and fro. What a week.

The real meat, of course, (or tofu in my (Rosie’s) case), has been in the sessions. So let’s peel back the curtain and let you in on our awesome learnings from a Tuesday both of us will remember for a long time.

Becca Pittser
The seminars: SMB Keynote: Gear Up For Growth
The takeaway: “Integration is everything”
The why: How often have you, in your business, thought that it’d be so much easier if the person in the next cubicle, or the next office, or even the next hallway over had the same vision and process and pattern and strategy that you did?

This has been a huge push for us at FPG, where we feel like the more you’re connected with your teammates, the more we’re all rowing the boat in the same direction and the more we can influence others positively. So it’s no surprise that our day-opening meeting was about aligning SalesForce, the game-changing tool I use to integrate our sales process, into our fearless CEO Jason Forrest’s daily life more seamlessly.

So here’s how the keynote went for me. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, drinking in Jessica Herrin (Stella & Dot) Alfredo Jimenez’s (Kabbage) words on “gearing up” to grow what we do an integrate it all together. Alfredo talked about how they use the Sales Cloud at Kabbage to insure the speed of the sales process. Their reps can quickly make calls, create quotes, and convert leads so they can spend more time doing the face to face sales stuff. I was so excited I did the Electric Slide out of the room.

Bottom line? We can build our SalesForce to help log our every activity and convert leads more efficiently and effectively. As Jason often says, everything is about speed and accuracy. And SalesForce has helped me build that into the way I use my most vital everyday tool, SalesForce, to make myself better in what I do. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? Count on me Electric Sliding my way into the office when I get back to Fort Worth. Thanks for the dance moves, DreamForce.

Rosie Hunt
The seminars: SMB Keynote: Gear Up For Growth
The takeaway: “Learn the practical so you can find your passion”
The why: So here’s the thing. I think Jessica Herrin and I might have some shared DNA, because Mein Gott (I’m Austrian, I had to slip some German in here) did I connect with her on Tuesday.

Jessica is the CEO of Stella & Dot, an accessories company that has a branch in Fort Worth that I’ve written down the location of in red ink to visit once I get back home. Jessica’s been on Inc.’s top 10 female CEOs list, and she’s established several businesses in her past but found it hard to pull up the passion for them. We’ve all been there. You might be doing well in something, but there’s nothing about the venture that makes you want to do better. At FPG, when you find that “want” we call this the first behavior observed from drive; the passion driven from your core drivers. Once you find what you’re supposed to do, you’ll have that drive.

That’s what happened when Jessica, who’d bounced from business to business, started Stella & Dot, which runs jewelry and trunk shows and sells awesome, lovely accessories. She found a niche in the market she was happiest in. And that passion fueled her drive, which fueled her success. What a lovely message.

You can learn all the practical things, but until you have that core drive to change your industry, you’ll bounce from place to place. That’s why I love FPG. We’re changing the world one behavior at a time.


Becca Pittser is the FPG sales scientist and Rosie Hunt is the FPG brand manager. They’ll be providing daily dispatches from Dreamforce in the coming days to keep you informed of what we’re learning at FPG.

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