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I’ve always been fascinated with dreams. I’d spend hours of my day contemplating the meaning behind my dreams, flooding my brain with various articles and blogs about the symbols and applications. I’d go to sleep every night excited to try out the new lucid dreaming techniques I read about that day, eager to experience what it would be like to have everything I want.

But then I learned that I was dreaming wrong.

You see, the average person is asleep for 1/3 of their life which means we’re basically wasting 1/3 of our life when we’re hyper focused on an imaginative world. We talk to our friends and coworkers about the ridiculous details in our dreams, when we should be seeing beyond the dream. Now, instead of obsessing over what my dreams mean, I manifest my dreams into reality.

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Asleep or awake, we’re running movies in our head all the time. We imagine scenarios at work before they happen. We visualize tough conversations with family members before we have them. We feel the sand of the beach and see the view of the ocean before we even get on a plane for vacation.

Just the same, you can use your dreams as a conscious tool to bring future goals into the present. When you go to sleep with an intention, your goal becomes cemented into your subconscious and can influence your behaviors throughout the following day. Your maximizing your brain power by using visualization techniques

I learned about the idea of using my dreams for reality from my NLP coach, Susan Stageman. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) changed my life. With the help of my incredible coach Susan, I went on a journey to become a certified NLP master practitioner. It’s completely shaped the way I see my relationship to others, and it’s allowed me to become more effective at helping people become better versions of themselves every single day.

NLP is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created to help people become their best selves. A key teaching in NLP is that every experience you’ve ever had has a structure, just like a computer. Because of limitations to your computer, you might not be able to run some programs.

That doesn’t mean you can never run those programs, it just means you need to upgrade your computer. So, if you find that your current mental computer isn’t equipped with the programs to succeed in a current experience, then all you need to do is upgrade your mental computer. Visualization is one of those key upgrades.

So, here’s how to start using your asleep state to manifest your dreams into reality:

  1. Identify what you want to work on

Once you have a clear goal, write it out and work backwards from the moment you achieved your goal to create a path. Write each preceding event that needs to happen before you can reach this goal. When you visualize what you really want in your life, surround yourself with those images, put in the work, the law of attraction will help you get there.

  1. Use your snooze

FPG’s President, Mary Marshall, uses her snooze alarm to “dream” while she wakes up each morning. Instead of falling back asleep after hitting her alarm, she uses that time to visualize her goal. Each time her snooze goes off again, it brings her awareness back to her conscious dream state and keeps her from falling into a new dream.

  1. Ditch the details.

When you wake up, resist the urge to pick apart the details of your dreams. Instead, analyze the emotion you were feeling and try to view your dream as a metaphor for your current situation. Put down your Dream Dictionary App, and only reflect on what the dream means for you in your current walk of life.

Manifesting your dreams isn’t a psychic power that grants you everything you want. It’s a technique that, when combined with hard work, will cause you to act in ways that push you towards your goal. When you visualize what you really want in your life, surround yourself with those images, and put in the work, the law of attraction will help you get there.

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