Run Towards the Roar with Jason Forrest is already a hit on C-Suite TV. Now you have one more place to watch some of the most compelling executive-centered programming available.

On December 4th, C-Suite TV announced a content exchange package with As part of the exchange, Run Towards the Roar will now be available to watch on Entrepreneur’s global editorial online platform alongside four other C-Suite TV programs. Entrepreneur is an award-winning website with a monthly readership in the millions, featuring stories on business and the people who push innovation all across the globe. Clips from the Run Towards the Roar series are available on Entrepreneur here.

Run Towards the Roar is hosted by award-winning behavioral change expert Jason Forrest, FPG’s CEO and Chief Culture Officer. The show focuses on interviews with top executives on moments when they were forced to “run towards the roar,” or face down a problem and overcome it with sheer entrepreneurial audacity.

The notion comes from the safest place to be is the one that feels the scariest. Lions—with their intimidating teeth and deafening roars—are designed to provoke fear. But the real danger lies with the smaller, quieter lionesses. In the animal kingdom, the lion’s job is to roar and send prey scattering away from the startling noise—right into the path of the waiting lionesses, the true hunters. If gazelles knew to run toward the frightening sound, they would have a better chance of survival. The roar doesn’t represent the real danger.

Likewise, humans sometimes have an instinctive desire to shy away from pursuits that look and sound scary. But often, running toward those challenges and conflicts is the best (or only) way to grow and meet our goals. In business, those who run from the deafening noise never reach their full potential, while those who turn and face the fear thrive.

You can also watch Jason Forrest’s Run Towards the Roar series on C-Suite TV by following this link.


Jason Forrest is a primetime television host of Run Towards the Roar on the C-Suite TV Network.  He is a global business coach, speaker, author, and Chairman of the National Speakers Association’s Million Dollar Speakers Group, who has spent his career empowering professionals and executives to unleash their human performance and master their leadership skills in sales, management, culture and service; by increasing profits through people.

Forrest is a well-traveled professional speaker and the author of six top awarded sales and service business books: Leadership Sales Coaching, Creating Urgency in a Non-Urgent Housing Market, 40 Day Sales Dare for Home Sales, 40 Day Sales Dare for Auto Sales, Service Certainty, and WTF: Why Training Fails. As a leading behavioral change expert, Forrest is often cited in Forbes, Entrepreneur, EO Overdrive, FW Inc, B2BNN, Realtor Magazine, among many others and is the recipient of 4 Stevie Awards for creating the most effective and sustainable sales and sales management training programs in the world. He’s also been awarded Stevie’s top sales trainer in the world award, out of 40 different countries.

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