Everything is impossible until somebody does it.

I carry this powerful idea with me whenever I face an obstacle that plants a seed of doubt in my mind. I never let other people or my own doubt tell me what I can or can’t do, and neither should you.

Becky Hammon is a woman who very clearly lives with this mindset as well. She is currently an assistant coach with the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, and she recently made headlines when she interviewed for a head coaching role in the NBA. Right now, she’s being considered for another opening as well.

It’s 2018, and a woman interviewing for a prestigious coaching position should hopefully not be major news. As a coach myself, that’s a reality I hope we all get to some day soon. However, this is massively significant news because in the history of men’s professional sports a woman has never been chosen as a head coach. In fact, Hammon is the first womanto even land an interview. And she deserves everything she’s gotten so far.

At FPG, we believe that our beliefs have more to do with our success than our abilities. All of our programs – whether we’re talking Leadership Sales Coaching, Warrior Selling, Service Unleashed or any of our other programs – are focused on this beliefs-based, how-centered training. Whenever we have an ambitious goal, people love to discourage us about how it’s “never been done before”, or how you “don’t have the tools for this”, and how “there’s no chance you can pull this off”.

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Despite the odds, despite the luck, despite the fact that no one has ever done it before, you will succeed if you shape your mindset to meet your goals, just like Hammon has. We all have those moments of doubt. The key is to acknowledge that moment, have gratitude for your current situation, and then resolve to push past.

I want you to think of a goal you have right now, even if it seems out of reach, or maybe even impossible. What are the leashing beliefs holding you back from that goal? Do you believe that you aren’t smart enough, or worthy enough to attain this goal? Do you think that you don’t have the time, or the right tools to accomplish this goal?

Now I want you to go through your list of “reasons” why you can’t reach that goal and I want you to reflect on which of these beliefs are fact, and which are fiction. What is the evidence that support these limiting beliefs? For Becky Hammon, she found no evidence that told her she couldn’t achieve her goal, so she is taking the steps to achieve them with a passionate fire fueling her towards success.

It’s human nature to want to do everything you can to avoid failure. People always want to increase their odds of success, and it’s natural to seek pleasure and avoid the possibilities of a painful event. Everyone will feel that pit of doubt in their stomach when they begin to take on their goals. Quitters will let that doubt hold them back, while doers like Becky Hammon will extinguish that flicker of doubt before it can burn their aspirations into ashes.

If you work in sales, you’re going to need big goals. And in order to reach those goals, you’re going to have to ignore the voice in your head that tells you that you can’t.

It will always be scary when someone tells you no, and it will always be scary to take those risks; but you can’t let those fears stop you from unleashing your full potential. Our programs turn salespeople into sales warriors who hear “maybe” when a prospect says “no.” They embrace customer objections because they know the more objections they hear, the closer they are to making the sale. They know that you can’t have a warrior sale without conflict.

FPG believes in the idea of “running towards the roar.” This means that if you face an obstacle, or a challenge, or have a goal that scares you, run towards it. Don’t cower, or change, or turn your back on your dreams. Face that roar with a mindset for success and you’ll be amazed what you’re capable of.

Becky Hammon might fail this time. She might not reach the goal she is chasing right now. She may lose the position to someone else. But what separates her from everyone else is that she is a warrior who’s not afraid to face the odds and go after her goals. So long as she keeps pushing, she’ll cross the finish line. And so will you.

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