Independence Day in the U.S. was built on and revolves around one specific value: freedom. And not freedom with qualifications – freedom for everyone. In all circumstances.

That means things like freedom to speak out against the things we don’t believe in. Freedom to elect the leader of our country. Freedom to receive an education. Freedom to chase your dreams, no matter how far away they seem. Freedom to choose who you love, and freedom to be whoever you want to be.

Every American citizen wants to be free from restrictions. Our culture is on one that fights back when we feel restricted. We were founded by people who sought that freedom, and it’s practically embedded in our soil. It’s who we are.

So if we agree that freedom is such a beautiful, important part of our daily lives, what would prevent you from striving to give that same spirit of freedom to your customer? Wouldn’t you want to feel that freedom as a sales warrior, and to then give that freedom to the customers you lead? How would that improve your life? How would it improve theirs?


Your customer will always have objections that keep them from buying. Your customer also has that same need for freedom embedded inside of them, and a need to be free from their objections. The amazing thing about handling your customer’s objections is that objections are nothing more than feedback.

So often sales pros think of objections as criticism, and some even take a customer’s objections personally. Always remember, objections are nothing more than feedback.
There’s a part of your brain called the amygdala, and it’s the primal part of your brain that processes all of your emotional reactions. Your amygdala hijacks you when you hear a customer’s objection, and it wants you to do one of three things: fight, flee or freeze.

Your brain is telling you to argue with your customer, to run away from the conflict or to just lock up and not address it at all. None of these responses will benefit you as a sales warrior, so you need to overcome your amygdala when you feel that response. Instead of fighting, fleeing or freezing, you want to experience freedom, right? The best way to do that is to run toward that objection with a process that just works.

Just the same, the thing your customer is looking for is freedom from the objection, and as the leader in the sales process you can give them that freedom.

Here are our 6 steps to handling your customer’s objections, a topic we go much more in-depth on in our award-winning Warrior Selling program.

1. Acknowledge the objection.
Just give that moment gratitude and acknowledge that your buyer just gave you the gift of an open door to resolve their objection. This is a great way to build rapport with your buyer right away.

2. Understand the real objection.
The real objection is almost never what they say it is. So instead of being defensive, ask more questions, like, “Tell me more about that.” Think of this step like discovering the objection behind the objection.

3. Provide an explanation.
This step is all about giving your customer the knowledge about your product to help them understand why you do things a certain way.

4. Get the customer to rethink their needs.
So explain it and then ask them to rethink whether their needs have changed now that you’ve reframed their objection.

5. Get the customer to focus on the total package.
This is about focusing on everything you’re offering versus what they’re not currently getting.

6. Make sure the objection is resolved.

If you master these six steps, you will take the leap from salesperson to Sales Warrior. As a Sales Warrior who’s been through our Warrior Selling training program, you will be certified to handle customer’s objections and release them from their fight, flee or freeze response. This is such a huge gift you can give your customers.

It’s the ultimate gift, in fact – the gift of freedom.

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