Talent is nothing more than effort in disguise, and a true Sales Warrior always goes the extra mile by putting in the effort it takes to succeed.

You are not just born with talent. You create talent by putting effort into your craft every day. Can you imagine if the world’s top sports stars decided, you know what, I’ve made it, I don’t need to practice anymore, I’ll just show up to the games. A truly talented individual puts in the hours and work every day in order to reach their goals.

Meet 10-year old Clark Kent, nicknamed “Superman”.

Over the weekend, Clark Kent Apuada competed at the Far West International Championship where he not only won the 100-meter butterfly stroke but also beat the record Michael Phelps’s held for 23 years.

Clark knows that it’s not about sprinting straight to your goal, it’s about accomplishing several smaller goals on the way. Even at 7-years old, Clark knew that it was going to take more than just his raw talent to reach his goals. When he began swimming, he researched all the local swim clubs and started memorizing the records other swimmers were setting.

He knew that if he practiced every day he would qualify for the big meet. Once he got there he beat Phelps’s record, and now has his eyes set on the Olympics.

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Clark knows that it’s not about how talented you are, it’s a matter of determination.

This is a key idea in FPG’s Warrior Selling Program. The award-winning sales training program is designed to give you the beliefs and strategies that will help you earn what you are worth. Our Warrior Selling message is centered around three things the highest achievers do to create more talent.

Practice. You are built to learn. Your mind is literally a learning machine. When we stress the wiring in our brains by repetition, we’re getting smarter every time we do it. This comes from something called myelin, which is the insulation that wraps around your mental wiring. Every time an action is repeated, your myelin grows, and the signal moves faster and smoother.

This is what happens when superman Clark Kent practices his swimming strokes over and over again. The signal gets stronger, which means his laps get quicker and stronger every time.

Demand coaching. One of our core beliefs at FPG is that the coaching along the way makes all the difference. A good coach will hold you accountable to your practice. You must make the effort to demand coaching in order to become a better version of you. Repetition is only valuable if it’s being done with an outcome in mind, and your coach will help you stay on track.

I love that Clark told CNN that he loves swimming because his parents and coach are always there to help him improve.  You will achieve your goals significantly faster when you have someone on your side pushing you to be better every day.

Chunk it down. Chunking is an amazing skill that allows you to take huge, complex problems and break them down into small, bite-sized chunks. Studies prove that you accomplish more when you break big tasks down into small steps, and that’s what chunking is all about.

Do you think that Clark just hopped in the pool one day and broke Michael Phelp’s record? Of course not. He had to learn to swim first, and then he had to practice, and then he had to meet smaller goals each day in order to become the swimmer he is today.

You may feel that you don’t need to put in all this extra effort because you were just born with the talent to reach your goals. I’m here to burst that bubble and tell you that your talent is only equal to the amount of effort you put in. The most talented people always keep their fire fueled by creating talent, not by relying on it

Your fire will eventually go out if you don’t keep putting in the effort. I challenge you to set a goal every day that takes you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

I know you have the talent, it’s time to put in the effort.

















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