Warrior Selling Beliefs 

Warrior Selling Philosophy & Beliefs Podcast

Warrior Selling is the world's most effective sales training program, focusing both on the science and the art of top 1% selling.
Learn the philosophy and the 15 core beliefs that form the backbone for what you'll learn in Warrior Selling. These beliefs represent the bedrock truths that every sales warrior lives out with their prospects on a daily basis that ultimately earn them what they're truly worth.  

Learn the beliefs, commit to adopting and embodying them, and watch your results be unleashed like never before.

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WTF: Why Training Fails

WTF Podcast

Corporate training is a $164.2 billion industry, and yet 70% of it fails to produce an ROI for the companies that utilize it
. In this groundbreaking book, Jason Forrest tells you why training fails, but more importantly, how to find, use and benefit from training that transforms your culture and changes the lives of your people.

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Service Certainty

Service Certainty Podcast

Customer service that matters is customer service that keeps the sale sold.
When you treat your customers like a prospect, they’ll never be a customer for anyone else ever again. In Service Certainty, authors Jason Forrest and Paul Cardis give you the proven techniques to introduce customer service that changes the game. 

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Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest, CEO FPG

Jason Forrest is the owner and CEO of Forrest Performance Group, the nation’s fastest growing sales training company. Jason is a leading authority in culture change programs and an expert at creating high-performance, high-profit, and "Best Place to Work" cultures.  

The winner of five international Stevie Awards for his training programs, Jason is also an award-winning author of six books, including Leadership Sales Coaching – rated as one of Selling Power Magazine's Top Sales Books. In 2018, FPG earned a rare honor by being named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies list for the third consecutive year, one of just 1,200 companies nationwide to achieve that honor out of a field of more than 7 million. 

To learn more about Jason, visit his site by clicking here.